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    • That boat has sailed. For 8 years barry sotero was importing these useless animals into the U.S., showing you pictures of widows with their 3 yearold orphans with beards. When that failed barry used fedex jets retrofitted with seats, flown in in the dark of night and put on buses and strategically imbedded all over America, working at wal mart at night, waiting for soros and barry to give the word, all the while having their media cronies tell you that it was a conspiracy theory, spitting and sputtering through pursed lips while wringing their limp wristed sweaty hands.. Well, get ready, that conspiracy theory is getting ready to bite you all on the arse.

    • And then there are the huge numbers of firearms and quantity of ammo purchased by the Obama administration. Strategically in place for the strategically embedded Muslims, all eagerly waiting for the man who desperately wants to be the thirteenth caliphate to yell kill them all now.

    • There is only one way to do this that is effective and it has nothing to do with our corrupt judicial system.

    • Trump will soon own the judiciary, too. Then he can assume total control over the country and make it really great again. Every single real American is behind Trump no questions asked. That's what I call patriotism!

    • While we stand with Trump, those of us who have worked in the Federal Government understand the depth of the problem and the difficulties that need to be overcome.  It is not just the management level of these agencies that are a problem it runs from top to bottom.  It is going to take major top-down reforms to root out the inefficiences, socialism, complacency, disdain for the public, lack of accountability, and corruption.  A major overhaul and down-sizing will be required.  Federal employees must be held to realistic perfornance standards, good work rewarded with promotions, those with ethics violations or poor performance fired, Federal employee unions done away with, and career-employee status (much like academia tenure) not being a guarantee of a lifetime job and associated benefits with the government, which does not really exist in most of the government agencies today.  Contrary to what they may say, once a person achieves career status (three full years of employment with no issues), it almost impossible to fire anyone, they just get moved somewhere else in the government, but not fired.

  • it's sickening to see so many white people cowtowing to these flippin idiots

  • These organizations *ALL* lie, cheat, steal, murder, and much worse... it is a fundamental tenant for them. The ends *always* justify the means. 

    They are like cockroaches... many types, but fundamentally all the same.

  • These commies are always crying and complaining about something, don't they? Why can't they take responsibility for their own actions? It's not like we are not leading by example.

  • What about gay lives matter? I think muslims kill gays. How do they pick and choose? Oh, yeah, don't muslims also kill infidels (non-believers) too? Looks like a muslim referral is not a good reference. 

    • Everything is relative and changeable in their world view.  Pick a side. then change sides, then change back. That is what we are seeing. 

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