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  • Islam is opportuistic. They will any and all opportunities to expand and when they don't see them they will create them anyway they can.  They befriend anyone, any group, any method to achieve their goals, a Caliphate.

  • Islam sees an opportunity of acquiring a source of educated black slaves, That is why they will support insurrection here in America.


  • the MUSLIM is going to be the next world power.

  • Read the Qu'ran if you want to understand Sharia Law and the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. Reading the Qu'ran reminds me of the days of the Spanish Inquisition. The good news is that Shia fights Shia, Sunni fights Sunni, and Shia fights Sunni so they may destablize areas for a while but they will ultimately end up fighting and killing one another.  We just need to take the battle to the Islamic fanatics and keep them from having influence on our media.  This means to get rid of CAIR, USCMO, ISNA and all other radical Islamic groups and hopefully Trump and Barr will do this since they are trying to undermine our government.

  • I thought it was the Muslims that murder in the streets.  They behead, they carry female mutilation, they burn alive, they live by brutal Sharia Law, they hate everyone who is not Muslim, they want to rule the world with their Caliphate. If Americans and other westerners don't stand up from themselves we will be Muslim.  What the Muslims have done here they done for centuries. It must work for them.

    • yes, it is the Muslim that murders in the street and they still do.

    • Not only them, but our home grown left. Glen Beck called out both groups years ago, as in the future they would come together for their evil plans, use each other, then turn on each other. Each group is ruled by hatred of everything good, pattriotic, kind and Christian. The left is just now showing it's true colors. 

    • Do't thing any group beats Islam for brutality.

    • There are many forms of brutality and certainly when it comes to overt brutality, the fanatical Islamic groups like ISIS take the prize.  However, there is a type of brutality which is much insidious and dangerous, since it is not as obvious and therefore harder to counteract.  The Democratic Party has been brutal to the Blacks of America.  They have a long history of slavery and efforts to suppress Blacks (ignoring the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, KKK, Jim Crow laws, etc.), keeping them confined to the "inner Cities", promoting abortion (as a means of population control-Planned Parenthood) and enslaving them by making them dependent on the Democratic Party and government for jobs, food and money. 

    • We need to eliminate these haters from the US.

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