• It's not just someone who understands power ... it has to be someone who has power AND THE FUNDING TO EXERCISE IT ON A GRAND SCALE... nothing is free and liberty is expensive.  The reason you or I have no real impact is that we lack visibility and effective power. Government agency has the force of arms behind it.  Coercive power is able to bend the Public will of others to the needs of those with real power. 

      George Washington once said: "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."  Rouge power is the product of corrupt government and the power needed to respond to such abuse is often just as violent and unbending.

    • Truly, you are as always exactly right, which is why Trump was just such a disappointment.  He was 90% there, visibility, executive skill sets, marketing/sales ability to garner populaity, media savy, good intentions, a desire to save America and the resources to do it.  Alas, all he was missing was understanding and perhaps, strong, sufficient character.  He appeared to me to be an empty suit when all the easy decisions and compromised, moves to flank the issues were gone.  That's when he showed his real character, confused mental understandings of both the real issues and the nature of power itself.  That's when Trump proved to alone and lost, completely inadequate.  He never had a real man to confide in, a real man to give him council, anyone he knew he could trust because he never sought one out.  He spent his life as a wastrel gathering up wealth and social status, trophy women.   Like Columbus, the course he set was ill informed and doomed from the outset.  Trump made a great self made billionare.  Saving America was obviously just a bridge too far for a retirement project.  However, his otherwise courageous attempt did unite America in our present understanding.  That in itself is invaluable.  Maybe unnecessary for the like of you and me, but so very necessary for th evast majority of his supporters. 

      Yes force without authority is tyrany and without moral compass and grounding, the very devil himself, the definition of evil, a fearful thing.  I would hope for another better coup in an attempt to avoid such violent and unbending power.  I suggested it once in anothe rconversation and you were wary of unconstitutional moves.  I was refering to outside the box type of actions Trump might have made under guise of executive orders and action in the face of national emergenicies.  No matter now.  The poet said to loosely paraphrase, these the sadest words of mice and men: these words that might have been.

    • Thank you for speaking out!  I wish we had millions just like you! 

    • Well actually we do.  Not to take anything away from theColonel but we do have millions and millions just like him, but like you and I they can't do a damn thing, but speak out.  Speaking out won't free you or change a damn thing.  Or do you think it has, or will?

  • (imho) they are all;




    conscripted and complicit

  • This country would be hell of a lot better off, if other congresspeople would fight and instead of talk.  Very few of the people in DC want changes.  Most are guilty of not doing their job that they were hired to do.  Thank God for Rep Green.   

  • Biden and his minions of Progressive Socialist Politicians have learned well from their teachers including Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • One thing is for certain... the Marxists never stray far from their founding fathers' doctrines and precepts for subverting the government and enslaving billions... they are as consistent as a TIMEX watch... they just keep right on ticking no matter how they are exposed they have no honor and no shame.

  • Theater.

    Wake me when someone on our side gets them released and charged the people who are (illegally) incarcerating them.

  • This action is unexcusable, lawless, a shame, and we need to force the government to release them immediately.  I have served in Europe, Korea, Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia, and a dozen other places where democracy is absent.  This is not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia, nor Red China.  Why are we letting this happen.  We as citizens need to demand their release immediately.  

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