• P..S. And what are the reasons you suggest this person? 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Very wordy and typical rambling Ron, but I still ask, "Who do you suggest run for the Presidential Election of 2024? And Lopez where's your bark to add to this question?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Very well Lopez and Colonel, You have both explained a dozen times over from dozens of directions that Trump is, was, and always will be a contemptible failure unworthy for consideration as President in the 2024 Election, I am most curious to know Who you suggest and exactly why? Seriously.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • More bogus hyperbole... that will not stand the smell test.  I have great respect for Pres. Trump and voted for him both times.  Albeit, I do question his personnel management skills and his failure to drain the swamp as promised. He failed miserably to address several critical issues in his Presidency... and they likely resulted in his failure to prepare properly for the rigged election.

      First, he campaigned on holding Hillary Clinton accountable for her criminal conduct and failed to even indict her let alone try her.  He also promised to drain the swamp... to remove the graft, corruption, and criminal element from government... How'd that work out?  It didn't.  In fact, the criminals in the swamp ate Pres. Trump's lunch and then evicted him from his second term in office.

      Next, Pres. Trump ran on a promise to build a wall along our Southern border... all 1933 miles of it.  How'd that work out... He finished approximately 600 miles of the wall... hardly 1933 miles.

      He failed at personnel management big time... starting with the appointment of Super Rino, Reince Priebus, as his first chief of staff...Does anyone realize how important the first chief of staff is to the newly elected president... the Chief of Staff for the President establishes the Administrative ground game for the Administration and is a key advisor on selecting staff.  How'd that work out?

      Finally, there is the gross mishandling of the AG, DOJ, CIA, and FBI staffing appointments made by President Trump. On top of not jailing Hillary, he failed to hold a single senior official accountable... Not one of these three critical issues was handled properly leaving underlying cancer to eat away at our Constitutional Governmetn.  These disappointments are also at the core of his Administrations's failure to stop the 2020 election fraud.

    • Why do you bother to keep engaging this person?  She obviously hasn't the capacity to understand and she has a personality problem that can only be delt with in a quiet, dark corner of the baracks with the most intense form of communication and deliberate application.

    • That was a masterful accounting, an excellent summarization and to all appearances right from memory too, straight to the key board.  I'm not one to flatter, Lord knows, but that was truly impressive.  We could debate and dissect, discuss the various points, which I'm certain historians are linning up precisely to do.  Never mind.  Here's where it gets tricky going forward.  Here's the realizartion: for better, or worse.  Trump has a lock on the 2024 namination.  He will run too.  We both know that.  Unless I have him wrong (and I have never met the man) a self made billionaire who has taken himself so public for so very long won't be stepping aside to build an organization in favor of a more seasoned hand.  We're all going over the falls with Trump and it's going to be in his barrel.   He needs you COL.  Trump needs someone who will be able to tell him what it is he needs to be thinking about.  He needs staffing and he desperately needs help with choosing it.  He needs to know what he is suppose to be looking for in terms of qualifications, committment, character and he needs to know how to keep track and follow up on their progress.  His judgment on personnel matters leaves lots to be desired.  Trump is bottom line oriented.  Trump gets things built and developed by making the numbers work.  Trump pays the mob run unions and then finds the financing to cover the costs.  Trump never fought city hall, or the mob.  He bought them and then fit th  ecosts into his business model.  Politics is different.  Politics tends to be infused with values and objectives, always directional and never a simple profit and loss statement except perhaps at election time.  Sir, Trump is well intentioned and he wants to save America.  He wants to be on our side.  He just doesn't know what it is that is essential, how to do it, if you will.  Unlike Washington he doesn't understand the value of power and force when legitimized by authority.  Dollars to donuts he's a business major.  He's never read history.  He's never studied literature and most importantly he's never served.  Wanting to do the right thing isn't enough.  It's a starting point.  He has the ego and he has the native ability, but he needs you more than crops need the rain and most importantly, he doesn't know it.  His wealth, business empire, family, insularity are all reasons why he needs you.  His needs scream for schooling from someone like yourself.  And more, you need to find more of your peers to advise and school him as to what the issues really are, the nature and interests of the forces, which he will be bucking, the strategies and tactics for controling the bureaucracies, making them function at his direction, the necessity for overall governmental and private sector reform.  This isn't about him, or you.  America needs him as informed and educated by you and people such as yourself.  This is about America and the time is now.  Trump is going to need the time to ingest and digest, to learn and discover and then to make everything he has learned his own, the truths and insights only someone such as yourself can impart.  He needs your world view.  Trump needs your moral compass.  Trump needs a real man, disciplined, accomplished, a polished man such as yourself to reach  him and then, to teach him how to operate effectively in the teeth of adversity, in the face of opposition, to control his natural impulses and character when he feels the swell of the people's power behind him.  How can you get to him?  Perhaps a delegation of retired, flag grade officers making formal request to meet with him for purposes of expressing their grave concerns.  You could organize just such an agust group of individuals.  You Col. could prepare the agenda, carefully choose the your own approach together with your peers, get your foot in the door, convince Trump of the benefits of your new to be formed committee of advisors.  Trump will think he's being politic, placating the military community.  He'll do what any politician would do, smile and shine you on, be warm and friendly and that gets you a second appointment, another chance to start educating him.  Course and rough as you have noted, I beg you take my suggestion and make it into something that can make a difference.  It's history's small platoons that change the world.  Leaders have to run after them to get catch up and breathlessly try to stay in front.  You and like flag officers are America's last hope.  

  • Lopez. How often do you and yours shop at Wal-Mart? Are your vehicles American made? Your clothes? Appliances? Electronics? Shoes? Medications? The fixtures in the Restaurants you cater? The Pumps that fill you car with gasoline? The Traffic Lights in the area where you reside? Your Trash Cans and Bags? For months you've been bad mouthing Trump for all the things you believe He should have done in your mind, while doing nothing about stopping the situations around you! With effort you can demand American Made Products in every situation your presence finds itself. Its easy to complain but so much harder to actually take responsibility and do something yourself. Stop being a "Monday Morning Quarterback!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I never shop Walmart, but I do frequent Costco.  I shop value not ideology.  I value free markets not sophomoric solutions.  Trump failed and every criticism I have made I made directly to him as well as publicly and before hand, before he ever failed.  Trump's failures are his.  My criticisms have proven to be correct.  I don't need advice from you.  What you repeatedly fail to recognize with your intellect smaller than a pygmie's gene is that all of history is "Monday morning quarterbacking" as you and your sport fan assoiciates might say.  We learn from studying history, well some of us do.

  • Excellent Points June!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Susan Rices Stasi is tightening the noose aropund freedoms neck.  When do you think they'l start killing us en masse?  It's Totalitarianism 101. Don't think they'll do it to us?...........I can see it in their eyes!!!

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