• Code ..... Gotta throw those  "Over Watchers", you know the ones not wearing "Tin Foil Hats"...Off!   They'll assign an entire Stike Team to sit and watch that Movie, which will short all of them out. Why? Because it was so racist it attacked every race, religion, nationality, occupation and belief known to mankind... yet was extremely funny!

  • It is high time we all fought back any way possible.  This pos is just as useless as the senile one.  Next in line is Pelosi the ice cream queen.  What a world we live in.  If any of you are able, please support Texas as they are going to finish their section of the wall!!!!  Every little bit helps.  I have done so and so have many of our friends. 

  • More revisionist history - the stay in Mexico policy was STOPPED by the Biden administration.  Of which, if I remember correctly, heels-over-head Harris is a member.  I truly believe the visits to the Triangle countries was just a vacation for Kamala.  It seems this administration is on vacation (if not physically, at least mentally) almost all the time.

  • Same brainless puppet. Different package.

  • Kamala Who?

  • Cut a Shark and the rest will go on a "Feeding Frenzy" and woe to any who happen to get bit and bleed! The same holds true for "Cowards" and "Progressive Socialist Democrats", or did I repeat myself.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Yes you did but you called it like it is.

  • Heels UP the MIA fake VP.

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