• Reminds me of a moment in time long ago at the home of a couple with a mean spirited, nasty little girl who came screaming out of her room full of other children and yelled at her parents, "He hit me back!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Huh?  They have been backing and condoning it for years. 

  • I just love it when these libedral cities finally find out what their idiotic policies got them. You'd think that voters would finally wise up and vote Democommies out of office, but it appears many are just too stupid.

    • Many can't.  They are over run with liberals, minorities, welfare bums, illegals and university students

    • You got that right

  • What did they think when they were sucking up all of George Soros' money and favors, influence?  They were probably thinking how they might next ingratiate themselves to the Globalist elites that are running the show, what further service they might provide and what opportunities were awaiting them.  What do you think they were thinking?

    Turn on each other, switch parties, whatever it takes to remain in power, to be able to exert influence and perform services for the rich and powerful, those aspiring towards wealth.  Always remember politics is primarily about money, the distribution of public resources, power and how that distributes public resources and opportunities.  Some win and others lose out whether they realize it, or not.  The ones with power make those decisions. 

  • Man how the Liberal communist Democrat Cities are turning on each other. It only goes to show that everything Biden touches turns to SHIT. That is the Communist Democrats for you.


  • Let's hope that the upcoming Rittenhouse suites will drive these nitwits out of business.

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