• We've been overthrown. There is NO other explanation for the BULL SHIT that's going on right now. NONE!!! Now I know why they want the Gusrd their.THE TYRANTS!!!! Prepare for your midde class purging folks. YEAH REALLY,COMRADE!!!

  • Nance is just like his mother NASTY P.! Communist!

    • Actually, Nasty Nan is his aunt. Nepotism at its rotten core.


  • No Deary, that's what we got last summer fropm BLM terrorists and antifa terrorists, BURNING DOWN FEDERAL COURT HOUSES AND POLICE STATIONS, LOOTING AND MURDER.   NEVER FORGET RETIRED OFFICER DAVID DORN Murdered by Looters!!!!!!!

  • There was only one time in history that leadership would be so totally afraid of its people, and that time is in the present... It's what the beginnings of the NWO look like

  • Well, Phil, while 'project & lie' does compromise the majority of Demunists' (Democrat Communists) activities that's not all they do. 

    Sometimes they actively, physically intimidate those who might even think about opposing them. Other times they're busy stealing every public dollar possible. 

    Oh, and don't forget hypocrisy: one of their major tools for Social destruction.

    Yessir them Demunists be some charmin' folks.

  • Project and lie,Project and Lie!! That's ALL the Democrats EVER do!!!!!

  • This guy is right about the insurgency. It just isn't going to be Trump supporters.  It will be the far left and military and intelligence folks.  They want the power and this their chance to get it.  Don't care who tries for a Coup, the American middle class will rise up and fight.  We are just not going to give this country away with out one. 


  • Whaddaya want? He's a demoncrat; they have no minds. That says it all.

  • Be careful and keep your eyes and ears open to alternative news media. The main stream Nazi conspiracy news media is in on this false flag operation. The Nazi Democrats are using Hitler's playbook to a "T"! They are going to do something drastic and very damaging and then blame it on Trump supporters. That is what Hitler did. HItler used his Nazi storm troopers to go out in the middle of the night and blow things up and burn cars and buildings and Hitler blamed the Jews and his political opposition. The news media, radio and newspapers during HItler's day were in on the taekover by Hitler and they followed what Hitler was doing to fearmonger the people. HItelr used those incidences as an excuse to confiscate guns from the people. Thier is a build up of national guard troops at the capitol as we speak.

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