• Love your response Bob.  It's classic although your reference to "play in the traffic" will escape many.  I'm pretty much the same, but does "pound sand" work instead of the "traffic" scenario????

    • Peter, pound sand works for me too!!!!!  Play in traffic isn't hard to understand for those with a brain, which excludes libtards!!!!!!!!!!


    • Peter, I didn't mean to sound critical, it is just that where I live telling someone to go play in traffic is a comment on their lack of intelligence because everyone here above 5 years old or an IQ in positive numbers(which excludes liberals) knows that playing in traffic is extermely dangerous and shouldn't be done!!!!!!!!!!


  • They really don't want to confront me 

  • I would say no thank you, they are unnecessary and don't work even, if you think there is a need.  The last time I did that, the guy who tried totell me to wear themask said, "That's a conversation I'm unwilling to have."  I said, "How convenient!"  How rich the irony ?  Want to control other people while denying reality.  That's the liberals, the progressives, the woke, the left, assasine Democrats. 

  • Just tell them where they can stick the MASK. They could go to the BORDER and hand them out to the diseased immigrants coming into our Country with no consequences and no poison shots.

    • Funny, illegal aliens aren't required to get the toxic, deadly, so called Vaccine.

    • Tim, more ironic and evil than funny but I assume that was your point!!!!!


  • Yea, that will work, trust me.  It is a good way to get your ass kicked or your teeth knocked out.  Go ahead, try it.

  • If you want to wear a MASK- then wear one-!!!

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