• Thank You pres. biden, The People Are Enjoying The Illegal PEOPLE, Illegal DRUGS, Illegal GUNS, also all the HIGHER PRICES on, FOOD, GAS, OIL, ENGRY and EVERYTHING ELSE People may NEED!!! Thanks Again. NOVEMBER 2022 and 2024 Can't get here quick enough- so the People can Thank You for all this- REMEMBER To VOTE- to show your support-!!!

  • I would punch them right in their face repeatedly

  • So you should lie to people about a sick mother or child you have at home to shame them into wearing your stupid mask. Lie to get people to do what you want them to do. That dozen words sum up the mission of the mainstream media and the Democrats. They will lie until they have control over education, energy, food production, weapons, and housing. Then they won't have to lie they will just give orders.  

    • You see the way of it, that much is clear.  These people have no claim on intelligent argument, legal, or moral authority.  Thank you for your comment

  • Who in this world still watches "MSNBC" or most MEDIA-???

    • Robert, I watch OAN, they are very conservative!!!!!!!!!!  I get them streaming on ROKU!!!!!  It costs $5 per month but worth every cent to be able to get truth and fact!!!!!!!!!!


    • I get OAN on Roku - Pluto Tv and it's free. What is the $5 charge for? I still prefer Real Americas Voice over OAN. Newsmax lost me as a viewer when they hired Bob Sellars. Despicable person who would not let Mike Lindell talk. Shawn Hannidy did the same on Fox News.

    • I quit watching and listening to hannity several years ago, he panders too much!!!!!!!!!!


  • The "PEOPLE" MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON THEM-!!! 'your'State,gov

  • If I wasn't very disabled they would need a trip to a hospital but as it is they will get told to go play in traffic!!!!!  I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!

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