7945209099?profile=RESIZE_710xOn Sunday, the Trump War Room Twitter account shared a news clip from left-wing network MSNBC where a young voter caught them off guard as she praised President Donald Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up reported: "The MSNBC reporter asks Erickson, “What are some of the things you think he’s [President Trump] done?” The reporter was taken off guard when the female Trump supporter had a laundry list of Trump’s accomplishments ready to share with his audience, including some of the key policies Trump has implemented to specifically help Black Americans, and how he’s effectively dealt with the COVID pandemic. Near the end of her commentary, the young, female Trump supporter calls out Democrats for their hypocrisy regarding Trump."

The Trump campaign is performing well in Minnesota and believe it is a state that they can win. “The fact that Biden is spending one of his first above ground excursions in Minnesota shows he’s on defense,” said Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien. “That would be like our campaign scheduling a trip to the reddest state in the country. It shows how the president has changed the map and how Joe Biden and the Democrats’ radical policies aren’t playing in the Midwest like they used to.” read more here:

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  • This is a well informed young women. To bad more of her peers continue to drink the leftist coolaid..

  • Left them speechless, I bet. 

  • Way go, Girl!

  • Good for her

  • oops, the truth got out!  hahaha

  • Looks like they forgot to vet their responder.

  • If only we could get more Trump suppoters in California!

    • I live in Redding; LET'S VOTE!!


      I'm  in Shingletown,  And we have a Republican majority up here.   So far.

    • Newsome is creating a lot of Trump voters. He is converting dems faster than Trump.

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