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  • I don't want to be unified with insurrectionist, sedition, or traitors... Unity with Constitutional Patriots whose culture and ideology align with our historic government and culture is just fine.  However, unity with those who are working to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA need to find another country to work their Marxist transformation, not America.  The great uniter needs to pay attention to who he unites with ... Many of today's radicals are looking to destroy our culture and Constitutional Republic. 

    • You won't be unified with such low life animals. Many have come around to supporting the president and you know it, too. Why would they not see the light like you and I do? Americans can clearly see that Trump is by far the best choice and they will vote accordingly. In Trump's next term even more people will come around and support him no matter what. All others will leave or will be made to leave. That's how we will preserve our way of life, our freedom and liberties. 

  • Mr. Jones:  Join the Republican Party.

  • Thank you Mr. Jones for standing up for truth and righteousness, you are a man of honor. If the leftist democrats had more brave men and women like you, the democrat party could easily be taken back from the marxists that have shanghaied it.

  • Fantastic!

  • The Fake news media knows that the agents of Antifa and BLM  are PAID... Therefore, they assume Pres. Trump's supporters must be paid.  Look these individuals are so repugnant that their mothers had to tie a pork chop around their neck to get the dogs to play with them... Sick is not a word that sufficiently describes these political heretics.  Stupid is as stupid does... and there is plenty of Stupid in the FAKE NEWS and Democrat Party to go around. 

    • LOL!  Feel sorry for the poor dogs of Pork Chop Hill.  BLM IS A COMMUNIST ORGAINIZATION WHICH SAYS IT ALL!

    • Not stupid. Evil. Evil. Evil. Thought. Word. Deed. Spirit. Soul. Body.

  • This idiots can't accept a Black American can not support the president. Take this idiots I'm Hispanic my only income is my Social Security and I'm voting for Trump this country can't fall in the hands of the socialist party.

    • The socialists will destroy all of us.  Look at what they have done in Venezuela and other places.

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