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  • This is how Dr. King and Ghandi was able to make changes in a non violent way,  and this can not be blamed on Trump.  You want change, this is how it is done.  I can't go march on DC but I will march in my home town with my flags and signs.  Go people, show them what it is like to shut the country down! 

    • Bravo, Edie!  You back up your talk/writing with overt action.

  • Biden would love to pick up his marbles and go home, except Joe has no marbles nor a home to go to.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Any place with a basement works for Dementia Joe.

    • Actually, Biden has 4 DE homes, the principal residence being on Barley Mill Road, Greenville, Wilmington, DE, next to The Tatnall School.  In his BM residence are theatre sets of the WH Oval Office and more.  Some are wondering if he actjually has stayed at the WH.  He has no marbles and no stones either. 

    • Lynn you did it again.  Great post!!!!

  • Wonderful!  Again, I am calling for a 5-million people march on DC.  No guns.  All genders, all ages, all races and creeds.  Those who cannot attend, march on your state's Capitol.  March anywhere if you cannot go to DC or your state's Capitol.  Make signs calling for resistance of any sort.  Wave Trump signs.  Wave signs downing Biden or the communist agenda.  Rise up, America!  Rise up!  Call on Jehovah God to lead us and to give us a human leader.  Those who cannot do any of the above, you can refuse to go to work and, in work's place, go wave signs! Get a friend(s) to go with you!  It is quite rewarding!  Let's Roll

    • I will be marching! 


  • Lech Walesa knew the power of labor... withhold labor and the economy shuts down... paper-pushing bureaucrats and corporate executives don't drive the economy ... middle-class America does.  It is time to harness this power for more than a vaccine strike. How about demanding a Term Limits and Recall Amendment... recall the entire government subject to new fair and open elections and appointments.  include the appointed Judges and US Attorneys in the recall...   One term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election and appointments every 2yrs... put the average American back in the driver's seat of our government... break the back of the two-party system... stop the spoils system of government... by term limiting every elected and appointed government official to one term period.

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