• If you are looking for Newsome to be recalled ... don't.  There are 41 candidates on the ballot.. splitting the vote among 41 candidates guarantees Newsome will not be recalled... I would not doubt it if most of those candidates are being funded by Newsome allies... deliberately splitting the vote and making it nearly impossible to recall Newsome.  


    • The recall of the incumbent is the first, and separate issue, from a replacement vote. It requires a 'yes' or 'no' .

      If needed, the replacement is chosen by highest majority count.

      Laws governing recall in California - Ballotpedia

      The bear is not in the actual vote counts, but rather in aquiring the necessary signatures to qualify the recall petition for ballot.

      (It is annoying I cannot remember who dunned the Remdecivir use, but I know it was relayed)

      Laws governing recall in California - Ballotpedia
      Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics
    • So, leave up to California to make it complicated... there are two issues on the Recall Election....

      First, Newsome must be recalled by a majority yes vote, to recall.  Then, the issue of Newsome's replacement is considered.  If Newsome is recalled, his replacement is the candidate with a simple majority vote.

    • It seems like a hassle. But really, if the Governor is half-way decent in his performance, and the general conditions of the state are status quo, he has no fears. 

      The beauty of the California recall, is that once the petition qualifies, it does not matter whether Grandma or Snoopy runs as replacement, it is not against the incumbent. A Governor is judged worthy to continue or not independently. So no 'lesser of two evils' influence by anothers candidacy is playable.

      But boy it is not easy to qualify.

  • They are deadly

  • Exactly correct.   

  • TRUTH!

    50 'Vanished' Nazi Origin Bilderbergers Controlling The 'New Medical Tyranny'
  • When will people wake up!

    Israeli Dr. Admits That 85-90% In Hospital Are Fully Vaccinated, 95% In SERIOUS Condition
    Dr. Kobi Haviv spoke to Channel 13 News yesterday and the report from the hospital was earth-shaking: "95% of the severe patients are vaccinated".…
    • There have been so many unsubstaniated conspiracy theories that only serve to mock the truth of a matter, making it appear as just another attempt to do the same. 

      Fauci is not interested in revealing the facts surrounding the China-Virus.  That is not a theory. It is an observable fact.  Just as the media is not interested in reporting the truth. Need there be any reason to mention Biden/Harris and company in this regard since they are all involved up to their eyeballs in deceiving the public?

      Lies, deceit, and confusion are not the result of honest government, or education, or what passes for religious preferences.  We are being victimized by our own people charged with providing  information and policy to protect us.

      Fauci has the floor, provided by the media, and his crap goes nationwide. The Truth is never afforded the same in the pandemic of lies that we are now enduring.

    • Amen Dale... well said.

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