Mounting Evidence Suggests FBI Planned and instigated the Capitol Riot...  According to Revolver News, significant credible evidence points to the FBI being the primary instigator behind the Capitol riot of January 6.

Conservatives across the Nation are skeptical about the circumstances surrounding the riot... and the rush by the Administration and FBI to categorize it as insurrection. Many individuals believe the MAGA movement is not responsible for the riot.   There is Video evidence and direct testimony, from witnesses present, that indicates government involvement was behind the planning and execution of this incident. The fingerprints of the FBI,  ANTIFA, and BLM are all over the stagging and conduct of this event.

It appears ANTIFA agents, aided by the FBI and others, staged and instigated the riot... many of the rioters dressed as Trump's supporters were later identified as known Antifa and BLM operatives. Hours of Capitol security video, taken inside the Captial and its immediate grounds, have been sequestered from independent public review. WHY? There already exists a mountain of private video footage and affidavits from eyewitnesses and whistle blowers, in the public domain, that link the FBI to the planning and staging of the Capitol riot.  Release of the sequestered Capitol security footage for independent review could aid in confirming or denying any FBI or other government involvement.

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