• If you think about it,...parents of 30 kids could work as a group & each could take one day per month to supervise since it's Virtual learning!!! It would be simple!! You need to get the program before they shut them all down, because we know that's next!!!

  • No one can be sent to jail for removing their children from "Public Schools" to "Home School" in a Community Setting, providing the Education meets or exceeds the "Minimum Standards", (which have annually been lowered to qualify a continuing majority of students.)

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I agree! The best thing (in my opinion) we can do is take a page from MLK and do mass civil disobedience- non violently. There are over 80 million disgusted Americans who can absolutely shut this horror show down.  Is the current population ready to stand firm, even if it means going to jail? I would. Please let me hear your thoughts.

    • I agree BUT it may take more to over come this EVIL  that has descended in this land . Remember 1776..

  • We are being forced to pay school tax to fund this crap. Is time to revolt in a direct way. No funding.

    • AMEN

      This is a true story.  My grandson needed 2 gym classes in his senior year to makeup for missing a Freshman year gym class due to treatment for Lyme Disease.   Antibiotics have as big a downide as the upside.

      He had been a diligent student.   These 2 classes and an English class were the remaining REQUIRED ONES for GRADUATION.   He didn't want to waste 2 hours a day on gym.   So, he did some research and found AN ONLINE GYMCLASS.   i kid you not.   He signed up.   completed the requrements and GOT FULL CREDIT.   HE SPENT HIS SENIOR DAYS DOING MEANINGFUL CLASSES.   ADVANCED CALCULUS, AND THE LIKE.



    • Demand your money back....they are calling you a terrorist!
      We should have huge protests against public schools, teachers unions.......what have they done for the children in the last two years??????

  • Exodus the Schools and Community School!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Here is the Video Below and I agree with her!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


    Kristi Ann

    • Piss off mothers and you'll see fury unimaginable! 
      The schools have pushed enough, now the parents see......time to move on this issue. 
      Take your money and go to private schools where you have a say how and what your children are taught!

      I do not want my money spent on turning children against God, country, parents, and THEMSELVES!


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