• Going back to Our Roots, when Our Nation First Formed, "Communities with populations under 500 were Required to educate their children to an Eighth Grade Level." "Communities over 500 were required to educate their children to an level Capable of Entering Harvard." These Communities were required and expected to Fully Fund these expenses unto themselves. If it could be done then, it can now.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The satanic entities think they got us the people from you know where, underestimating the people's sagacity and innovations.Thank's God I see more people waking up.

  • Maybe neighborhoods could group together for 'home schooling' til a better solution presents itself.

    Scheduling around obligations  just might get it done.

    • Homeschoolers do join together, go to eachother's homes, different parents teach different subjects, they rent school rooms at times, do field trips together, etc. 

      These kids get around, get a lot of exposure, they are usually great at conversations, outgoing, well adjusted, and respectful!

    • Now, you're talking.

    • That sounds like a wonderful idea

  • I agree it's time to teach our kids  how to survive  and good  work ethics.  Make them strong in the Lord  and give them a real education  the way our parents tought  me .

  • Time to send your children to private or religion school 

  • Home Schooling is fine for those who are in a position to provide but what needs to be done is demand that our State Legislators pass School Choice where the tax money follows students to schools their parents choose instead of continuing to support a failing public school system. The result will be wresting curriculum control from the Teachers Union and back to parents with a voice in what their kids should be taught.

    • Time to go back to church!
      Parents  need to show an example to the children about the importance of God in our lives, no better way than to bring them up in parochial schools.
      We pay a ton of taxes to support the public schools who now call us terrorists......time to take our money and invest in our children, teach them about God, religion, discipline, to be great patriots, to be responsible, to think outside of themselves. With all the money wasted on public schools, every school connected to a church could have great facilities, and we would have a great society of mostly happy people again.

      A huge portion of our taxes go to the schools, I want to demand my money back from the city, why would I want to support anything where they label me a terrorist? 
      Demanding our money back should be a movement, we must have a say and have control how our children are educated. Crushing the public schools would take care of the teachers unions, take that cancer out of education and POLITICS!

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