Mo Brooks calls for McConnell's ouster

Radonna Butler (@butler_radonna) / Twitter

Alabama Republican Mo Brooks is calling for Mitch McConnell to be ousted as Senate GOP leader, making him the party’s third major Senate candidate to come out in favor of booting the Kentucky Republican.

“America can’t afford a Senate leader who is a weak-kneed, debt junkie, open-border RINO Republican and who, worse yet, sells out America for special interest group cash,” Brooks says in a new 90-second web advertisement.

Brooks joins two other Republican candidates — Eric Greitens of Missouri and Kelly Tshibaka of Alaska — in pushing for McConnell’s removal. All three are running staunchly anti-establishment campaigns and are aligning themselves with former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly laced into McConnell over the past year.
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  • mcconnell is an establishment hack helping the devildemocommiec rats destroy America!!!!!

  • Addison Mitchell McConnell is as crooked and compromised as FJB. His wife Elaine Cho McConnell's daddy owns one of the largest Chicom shipping companies in that country. He and they are beholden to Xi just like FBJ and his cracked out son Richard Hunter Biden. When the Republicans take over Congress this year this backstabbing, corrupt RINO dirtbag will be Senate Majority Leader taking over for his good buddy (yes they're friends) Chuck Schumer. It will be business as usual in that group of 100 idiots. Save a few like Paul, Cotton and Kennedy. The rest are RINOs and democrat morons like that dolt from HI. Addison does need to go just for the fact alone of how he stabbed PDJT in the back like a lying dog. Also because of his stupid comments about Jan 6th. Kentucky needs to retire that old POS ASAP. 

  • Mitch and wife , and her father, have had ties to China and communist party for years and are making $$$ from China shipping.

  • I with him time this old rino to go we need new conservative  blood to stand against the  RADICAL leftist. 

  • We all agree, Mitch must go.  We have either said it here, or in other blogs, or in talking with friends.  It must happen or Trump will be weakened severely.  The question is:


    • I vote for Rand Paul

  • The turtle is a Chi comm sympathizer 

  • I agree, get rid of McConnell

  • Wow!  How long does it take to realize that McConnell has to go?  We knew he had to go on Jan. 6th, 2021!

    • Long.......obviously.
      He was just re-elected, he's got about another five years......unless things change drastically in the USA, good luck trying to get him out!

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