• Mitt is a turncoat traitor with zero morals. The sooner we are rid of him the better. His whole career is repleat with bad decisions from his time as governor on. The original founder of Obamacare.

    • Everyone not 100% loyal to President Donald J. Trump is a traitor and cannot be called an American patriot. They certainly have no morals.

    • I agree with 100%

  • Romney is a stiff-necked RINO are some of the resigning personnel in the WH!!

  • Next time make sure he sits alongside an emergency exit... and immediately upon landing suggest he exit over the wing before the docking, to avoid the reception waiting for him.  He probably will never fly commercial air again.

    • Exactly!


  • Romney doesn't know how to uphold his pledge of allegiance to the US Constitution and therefore to Trump. Every real American patriot follows Trump through thick and thin. He is the man of the hour who made America great again in his first term. He needs to keep going. 

    • that's right and I am with you 100%


  • Love it.... we all need to do this for any traitors to our Constitution 

    • that's right.


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