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    • I suspect he got caught up in the Obama corrupt administration and is being blackmailed. I still remember when he he gave Obama the Oath of office and do not remember why but Roberts had to do it again only in a private session. WHY

  • Heck yes...

  • It's about time the elected officials stood up for the people who elected them. Go Mitch! TRUMP 2020

  • They are trying to ram marxism down our throats by stacking the supreme court with communist leftist extremist judges like ginsberg, telling us how we are to live, I say let's have a civil war, clean out the marxists, the middleeasterners, the chinese who have been brought to America in containers with weapons, while the leftist dock workers turn a blind eye. Time to clean these shyt stains off of America.

    It is one thing to make changes that the whole country agrees with, these phucks want to enslave Americans with high taxation, forcing us to pay the way for other countries to use us up. 

    • So true, Michael.

    • Michael,  you are my kind of patriot! Start a list so we can all get together when the SHTF.

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