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  • Stand firm


  • Take a page out of the Democrats playbook and be heartless and relentless and push a conservative nominee through. Ignore their petty antics and threats, all the things they are threatening are happening with our without a nominee from Trump. No matter what Trump does they are going to attack him with everything in their arsenal so we might as well win. If you gave them everything they want it would not be enough. Their agenda is to burn down America and blame Republicans. All but the braindead, fully indoctrinated leftists in academia, elite Hollywood celebrities, and rioters know it. Trump doesn't poll well because of the canceling, doxing and shaming supporting our President can bring. And he isn't polling to badly, I have to believe that Trump wins in a landslide that they cannot cheat their way out of. Everyone Vote on election day at the polls if you possibly can. The best chance to ensure your vote is counted.  Trump 2020!

  • Expedite the Confirmation process... cut the debate in committee to one week, provide one week for personal interviews with US Senators... cut the floor debate to one week... Compress the entire process from beginning to end into 3 weeks max... and then slam the door on Democrat motions to reconsider or any other parliamentarian delays they care to muster.  Get tough, get ready to play hardball.

    • Do not forget we are talking about the weenie Republicans

  • The 2 women at top of Trump's list have already been vetted for the fed jobs they already have.



  • Yes I agree they should proceed because it is their duty, but the facts clearly show that they aren't doing it out of ill will intent either. BUT just sit back and watch how the Demoncrats react, continued childish temper tantrums like little kids!!!

    • A good reason to short cut the confirmation process to less than 3 weeks...   Conduct the Committee hearings in private and limit debate on the floor of the US Senate giving 5 minutes to each senator ... a total of 250 min of debate and then a vote.  The whole process could be cut down to 2 weeks or less.  One week for personal interviews with US Senators... 1 week for Committee hearings, 2 days for Debate on the US Senate floor and a vote to confirm.

  • Of course, the Senate should give the President's nominee a hearing and a vote. That's their job, that's what they are supposed to do. They desperately need to put another Alito or Thomas on the bench, a judge with Christian and American values.

    • That's what we thought judge Roberts was.

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