• Using the words democrat and criminal in the same sentence is a redundancy any democrat is ipsofacto a criminal!

    • This would also explain why sleepy Joe is 4 million votes ahead of Trump now. That is only possible with massive voter fraud. 

    • So far iit is reported that it is used in Nevada, Arizona, Minn., These States sound familiar. 

  • To Col. Nelson and all military who are reading this.  When military ballots are ending up in dumpsters, this is an attack on all those in the military who are fighting for our country and is despicable!   Stand up as I said earlier, write or telephone the Attorney General Robert Barr ASAP and flood his office and demand an investigation of this travesty!

  • Write or telephone  Attorney General Robert Barr in Washington D.C.   Flood his office for demands that the Justice Department and FBI investigate this clear intent to steal this election.  Because what has happened here is happenening in other Democrat States.  I wrote him and everyone can and should ASAP!


    • The Federal Bureua of Investigation techically does not jurisdiction over any postal maters it is the United States Postal Inspection Service when the whole Justin "Jussie" Smollet fiasco exploaded in Chicago of vote early and vote often fame I was hanging out with a couple of young Postal Inspector friends and the media was opinning about the  Federal Bureua of Investigation and I quipped the  Federal Bureua of Investigation could not find their glutious maximus with a ground guide and strip map. My Postal Inspector friends started cheering. God gave me the mission to bring laughter to this sad world.

  • Why? You must be kidding... this is Georgia and probably Atlanta... All potential Trump Ballots are dumpster bound 

  • So, why have any of you sent e-mails or tweets to the enemy? You all sit here in front of your computer and punch out comments but none of you will go any further. Get off your ass and start tweeting Pelosi ans Schumer and tell them that they ar ebeing watched? Tell them that after this is over and Trump is back in the WH that they will be sought after and tried for treason. They need to know that we are solidly behind Trump.

    • Be very careful what you say to members of Congress or federal law enforcement... threats veiled or open may well end up putting you behind bars.  Do not think it can't happen.  Keep any communication with an official of government appropriately business like... avoid any threats veiled or open.

    • I am an very nasty seventy-three year old man from Pennsylvania and I knew former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden back in the days when I was a dashing young Air Cavalry trooper and I remember very well that he was referred was referred to as “Joe the intellectually challenged one” and that whilst the great English courtier, wit and general observer of the human condition Sir John Harington (baptized 4 August 1560 – died 20 November 1612), once observed "Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” That former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden sure a hell did!

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