• We can write complaints about the elections and the possible fraud that's been done but all our words mean nothing if we don't follow-up and actually do something concrete.  Contact the Justice Department and the Attorney General William Barr.  Write your concerns about those instances of fraud that may have been done in various states, including the so called "glitch" in the software in Michigan converting votes for Trump to Biden.  Why were poll watchers denied access in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, PA?  And the list goes on. The more people who write--respectfully--and complain--maybe they will listen and take action.  They need to know that it isn't just the powers that be in Washington that care but it's the little guy (or girl) you and me that want all the votes that are LEGAL to be counted and NOT illegal votes.
    We just want an honest election. 



    • Honest Elections are not possible when one is dealing with dishonest Democrats.... who boldly and regularly flaunt the law.  Evil must not be permitted to run our government or to establish a foothold in our institutions.  Since we failed to keep evil out of government and most of our civil institutions we are now paying the price for our apathy.  Civil war may be the only viable path to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

  • I am retired and have been retired for years and still I know some of what I like to refer to as "my kids" who are still working one of them is a supervisior with Customs and Border Protection and she told me that her people busted a postal worker with a load of U.S. Mail in the trunk of his car trying to go to Canada now he will face the not so tender mercies of the Postal Inspectors some of those kids are as rotten and devious as I ever was.

  • I e-mailed a request  to Attorney General William Barr to investigate the so-called glitch in the software tabulating the votes in Michigan.  In one county, this "glitch" automatically changed any vote for Donald Trump to Joe Biden resulting in an error of 6000 votes.  This same software is being used in the other 47 counties in Michigan and in 30 other states.  It has been reported that the software company Dominion Software has ties to Nancy Pelosi.  So is this "glitch" accidental or deliberate to bring down the president?  Everyone who has a computer or telephone make your voice heard.  Flood the Justice Department with requests that this be investigated.  Do your homework and when you send your e-mail, always be respectful  Our democracy is at stake and if this fraud is proven true and not corrected,  then all our future elections are worthless.

  • Their is no way on earth Biden would get all this votes unless they are fraud and the aliens from Mars voted for him 

    • Aliens from Mars? Mojados?

  • What else is new? This non-sense has been going on for years as you all must know I am a retired federal law enforcement officer that spent the last years of my career working in Philalephia, Pennsyulvania. What I have never shared with you is that I ran the Federal Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in the City of Brotherly Shove so I knew all the federal law enforcement officer in the city. None of you can imagine all the horror stories I have heard over the years. I knew everyone from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Coast Guard Ivestigative Service. A few weeks back one of the young kids from the Uniform Division of the United States Secret Service said to me "Ray, in December we are coming back to the Treasury Department and I snapped back "dream on kid it will be a cold day in Hell before we take you guys back. You are like the guy who left his wife for a younger hotter girl and now you are broke and want to come home to momma and she aint gonna take you back." Everyone started laughing at him." In federal law enforcement we are very competative and mock each other all the time for instance when the United States Secret Service let the notorious killer clown John Wayne Gacy next to former first lady Rosalynn Carter they were soundly mocked by the rest of us.

  • Update if any has missed this.   In Michigan they have discovered a software glitch that changed votes for Donald Trump to Joe Biden.  In one county in Michigan, it amounted to a change of 6,000 votes.  It appears this software has been used throughout the state.   It is also possible that this software has been used in 30 other states.  This issue was reported by Hannity on Fox News.

    • Glitch? That was enemy action!

    • Yeah, Glitch... another word like 'cheating' to describe a serious felony... we wouldn't want to smear those overworked and unappreciated masters of Ballot magic... by calling them, common criminals.  After all, they are Democrats.

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