• Barry's 3rd term.

  • I miss Mike Pompeo and the strength he depicted.  Biden and his whole administration is so weak.  Could it lead to war, I think it could.  But it seems the war maybe within this country.  How much longer are patriots in this county going to take the disruptions he and the rest of the Democrats are evoking?

  • To Democrats,We the People are the enemy. This usurping P.O.S. Biden is Xi's puppet. WTF? IS OUR GOVERNMENT THAT FRIGGING STUPID..........Or have they TURNED TYRANT on us?

    I'm seeing Tyrant. Anyone else?


  • They won't have to have a war, the demonrats are doing a wonderful job of destroying America, all these other nations have to do is sit back and watch.

    • A war with only military who support Trump and the conservative side they will keep all of the woke military to go agaist the american people I think this may be the plan.


  • Dems love a good crisis to further control us   

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