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  • This is what should be happening all across the Nation... local communities that have suffered major losses to public and private property and lives... should be suing every involved MSM outlet for inciting a riot, looting, arson, insurrection, and physical violence... hundreds of billions in lawsuits should be challenging the very lifeblood of all the MSM propagandist... put them out of business.Β 

  • Give em HELL. Mike!

  • Great American

  • A great man, Mike Lindel !!Β  You are a true American in my view.. Love your pillows.. and will continue to purchase from your American company, "My Pillow"..!!!

  • I am ordering his slippers today. Already have 4 pillows

  • Mike's ON FIRE - EN FUEGO!!Β  What a passionate patriot!!Β  And I can hardly wait to "log on" to FRANK!!

  • Thank u Mike!Β  Frankspeech is going to be awesome. So many great Patriots. Also the Health & Freedom Event Friday & Saturday, u can find recordings.Β  Β Very inspiring!Β  If you have a chance watch. Great for the American spirit.


  • way to go Mike I am with you 100%

  • Mike,Β 

    Thank you for standing up for justice and AMERICA!!!

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