• Yeah, no way to hide income or wealth... taxes will be taken without your filing... and you will eventually need to pay a life tax to continue to breathe... hell of a system... Just what Satan Ordered... diabolical. 

    • The plan will be to co-opt the use by notifying the public of governments exclusive "minting" priviliges, and allow the privately held units to be submitted for re-issue in a command and control social credit score. After a point, the data file describing private cryptocurrency will suffer the fate of Confederate money. The obliteration of anonymous wealth recognition, imposed by the state upon sellers, is paramount to use the social credit score as a collective harnassing of individuals. Notice how today you cannot convert gold and silver certificate bills into the metals on demand for daily commerce (excluding investment currencies). Precious metals use as transactional currency is intended to be reserved for nation states, not individuals. I am not saying you will lose your wealth, only the anonymous discretion of it, if globalists have their way. And if you have too much by their reckoning, you will simply be allowed to spend down the excess until and only until you need a guaranteed universal income stipend in your account that you will need to buy with to live. Slick, huh?

    • The Federal Reserve is a dinosaur of the past... given the rapid growth of the socialist state ... and its exchange systems the monetizing of all funds will become digitized as part of the consolidation of economies ... bringing all financial transactions under the control of a central bank which has total command control over the World's economy. 

       A one-world socialist government with a single digitized currency... all transactions, interagency, commercial, wholesale, retail, and personal will clear the central bank in a digitized account.  Taxes, fees, and duties will be collected on every transaction... there will be no possibility of a major black market or barter system of any significance.  The Central Government and Bank will manage the world's economy... and basically pick winners and losers... in a system that portends to address social justice issues by taking from each according to their ability and giving to each according to their need.

      However, this utopian system will never be capable of producing sufficient goods and services to supply everyone with their needs... socialism will not work as it inherently rewards the non-productive and penalizes the productive... guaranteeing insufficient production to supply the whole.  Winners will be rare and part of the political elite and losers will become the new surfs in a commune run by feudal lords (communist party members)

    • "However, this utopian system will never be capable of producing sufficient goods and services to supply everyone with their needs..."

      The Social Credit Score Cryptocurrency paradigm is not supposed to. 

      Think," RATOPOLIS".

      If unsure, search engine the Zimardi psychological closed environment experiment using rats. 

      Plot spoiler: attrition imposed on the group for societal implosion and extinction.

    • We don't need to be betting we need to be acting... The Public needs reassurance thru action.  Now is the time to act, not tomorrow, not next week... now.  The Left will not go silently and with each passing day, they become more entrenched and powerful.  Many of the fence-sitting bureaucrats will defect to the side they view as most powerful and beneficial to their careers and families.  Others, who support Trump that are in KEY MILITARY, INTEL, and LAW ENFORCEMENT are likely being isolated and neutralized as we speak...

      Waiting is not an option... I have heard that council for decades and where has it gotten us?  As the inauguration of Biden approaches those in government are more likely to strongly resist any attempts to overturn the elections for fraud. 

      It's is ignorant to think that sizeable numbers are not convinced that the elections were rigged... displaying more proof is not going to change the election results.  The Marxist don't care if the world knows... they are going to take office, and then they are going to purge any counter-revolutionary leadership with a vengeance. 

      The Left plays for keeps... they don't care what others think about their actions, especially, the masses... They will run over the Public using their own military and law enforcement.  Examine history... learn how stolen elections are a key element in Marxist insurgencies... We are now a casualty of third world Marxist histrionics... Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 

      Liberty doesn't wait on the timid nor time the patient... "Freedom delayed is justice denied"  

    • What you asked for is now happening.


    • Badgerman, you're OK but,

      taste food,


      see action.

      Make my day, PLEASE!

    • There is a 16 year plan to take over the US starting with Obama.  Hillbeast was to be mopup.

      Patriots asked DT to run.  When he won heads blew up.  But they had a plan and we are seeing the final part.

      Watch the video I posted to another comment of yours entirely.


    • Now is not the time for videos...  albeit I watched the whole video. 

      Now is the time for DECISIVE ACTION... massive arrests for treason and sedition... a complete takedown of the Deep State and its MSM allies.   Watching a video that informs us of the left's plans does little to stop those plans... we need Martial Law and a major nationwide sweep to pick up and remove the Leadership in the Deep State.

    • That vid makes complete sense as far as what is playing out.

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