• Jea9, I hope you are right and I think you are. Trump is a genius and we the people trust him unconditionally. 

    • I now believe the events around and in the Capital building were a military op in order to get the laptops. They knew antifa was coming and fake cops installed. We are hoing to see heads roll


    • They need to start rolling now... before the headhunters on the other side get hungry.

    • They probably will roll now. The Marxist demonrats are getting scared because they are apparently preparing another impeachment. They want to destroy the best president in modern times who made America great again, almost singlehandedly at that, too. 



    • HG... if you have any contacts with those planning on draining the swamp and saving the Nation... you may want to have them act before Pelosi and Schumer Impeach and convict the President... he may not have 10 days ... he may not have 48 hrs... if the GOP Senators are in on it he can be gone very quickly...

    • If they succeed with the impeachment, I'm afraid they'll also come after Trump legally once he is no longer shielded by the office of the president. Nobody is yelling and demanding "lock him up" but they may be out to lock him up on the down low anyway. In the meantime, nothing ever came of "lock her up" and the silent majority loses once again. Hopefully Trump pardons himself just in case and that pardon holds up in the courts as well. 

    • Mr. Trumps personal safety, and his families safety, is nested in the security of the People.

      How secure is the People now in their rights, freedoms, and liberties, especially free speech.

      Alex Jones pled with the President on camera numerous times to use bureaucracy to reign in the undisciplined I-TYRANTS.

      He went on for a couple of years banging my ear about the predicted escalation of abuse to free speech. 

      -First his.

      -Then everyones.

      -Finally including the President.

      No bull, I became sick of it, but am more sick of this!

      If refusal to act is based on appearances, then stubbornness can be done to a fault. Maybe self-pardoning fits here too.

    • Michael, I agree. President Trump's personal safety is nested in the security of Americans and America. Today there is no distinction between Trump and the country. If Trump goes down, so does the country and vice versa.

    • there is a lot of information we are taking in just remember God has the final word.

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