• There better be.

      Could all those Guardsmen surrounding the Capitol be there for non-obvious reasons?

    • Like Biden's jailers... one must ask who mobilized them and where their orders are coming from?  Bowser or Trump?

    • If there is a faithful part of the military capable of acting they need to act now... not later.  In fact, they needed to encourage the President to act 4yrs ago.  failure to take on the Swamp as Trump's number one priority from the start only encouraged rebellion and the present coup.  One doesn't invite the enemy to be part of their staff and close confidants. 

      Much if not most of the recent problems are rooted in indecisive actions and the failure to enforce the laws of the United States... Starting with the wholesale removal of compromised elements in the FBI, US Marshalls, BATF, Secret Service,  US Attorneys, DOJ, the US Military, and the judiciary.   

      In other words, the swamp needed draining the day of Trump's inauguration...  failing to remove the swamp was and remains Pres. Trump's undoing.

    • You are right, Ronald. Trump needed to assume total authority over the country right away to drain the swamp, to preserve our republic, to uphold out freedom and liberties. If he had taken full control, he'd have also won the election with 80% of they votes, which is the actual support he enjoys right now. 

    • Wish it could have been but it could never had worked.  Why is difficult but not impossible to understand.  No time to explain now but what I'm saying will soon make more sense.


    • Excuse me... Trump had both Houses of Congress under his wings giving him much more room to pursue the criminal cabal in the Democrat Party... Pres. Trump had both houses of Congress for 2 years and frankly did little to nothing in the way of holding those engaged in political corruption accountable... nothing.

    • Agreed Paul... Maybe he will act properly now and use what he has left of the US Military to arrest and detain the key leadership in the Deep State and MSM... both are enemies of the USA.

    • You Will Know Why

    • the failure of Trump presidency is this he did not put Obama and his administration on check and put them in jail insted he let it go.


    • You are right, Jeff. Instead of "lock her up" and get rid of the destructive, unpatriotic opposition, Trump ended up with more and more opposition among the elite while his support among we the people increased steadily. We the people can clearly see that he made America great again. 

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