• You Will Know Why

    • Yes, the offshore facitlity has been enhanced, but for whom?

      Neither of us can answer these answer these concerns, except to believe.

    • All I am saying is this. Trump has faced opposition from all corners of the country, even from his own (former) handpicked people that he let into his inner circle. He does not need to hear criticism or opposition from his most loyal supporters who stand by him no matter what as you do, too. We the people are totally loyal to Trump and we the people need to show that by not joining the loud chorus of the opposition who want to take him down. Instead, we should celebrate his many accomplishments and his amazing feat to make America great again.

    • The statement stands on its own merits... although it was meant to be a general comment, I suppose one could apply it to the Donald.  Or do you believe that feckless leaders, who effectively decline to defend us are ok?  Knowing the problem, and having the power and resources to correct the problem, but failing to act is not good leadership.

    • Greg, the problem is that the great plan has a limited time to bear fruit or it will expire.

      I do not doubt though that President Trump did throw a wrench in the machinery.

      Trump obviously has remarkable wherewithal.

      The issue is does he have the scope to take this vile political bull by the horns, and will he?

      Failure to act timely defaults to hellish tyranny.

      Then I suspect that the People will turn ugly.

    • "Leadership that is unwilling to use the resources needed to defend us is also useless...." - As I keep saying, with supposedly loyal Trump supporters like you, who needs enemies?

    • I hope you are correct... as what I am hearing is what I have been preaching for over 4 yrs...

    • At your level of military you get this real well.

      Would not be surprised if you called called for something.

    • The EBS will be used.

      Gitmo has been radically updated to hold them.

      Why do you think Peelosi is pooping and screaming for the 25th?


    • Yes, I listen to the whole thing... much of it is not new and the idea that we have a whole army waiting to pounce on the left is a little difficult to fathom... especially, since it has not leaked.  If the President plans on acting as suggested it needs to happen NOW not later and it needs to be swift and thorough.  And yes, he needs to act as he will face much more than just being out of office... as he and his family will be targeted for retribution...

      Once the strike starts the Emergency Broadcast System needs to be the ONLY SOURCE of information... and the major MSM need to be arrested along with the politicians involved in the rigged election and many attempts to conduct a coup... put them all in jail and isolate them from all outside contacts... all... don't even acknowledge if you have them under arrest ... no information on them at all. 

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