• Did you watch all 50 minutes?

      The plan to overthrow the US was concocted and put in place to start with Obama then the cleanup operation was to be Hillbeast. A 16 year plan.

      That got foiled when our Great President won.  Why the CONSTANT attacks.

      More important is DC is 70% corrupt where the whole lot are guilty of crimes that would jail them immediately.

      Who discovered all this then built a counter plan you will find in the video.




    • Knowing what kills you is only beneficial if one has a viable defense and is WILLING TO USE IT...  Leadership that is unwilling to use the resources needed to defend us is also useless and constitutes a major betrayal.  The Threat is known, the enemy has been identified and the means to destroy them is available if we have both the leadership and will to use it.

    • Exactly...

    • And you do not have one now.  Bet the bank on it.


    • "And you do not have one now.  Bet the bank on it."

      WE ARE! LITERALLY!! With the social credit score controlled cryptocurrency that the NWO intends, not only is the amount of money not possessable as wealth without arbitrary permission by the state, but it is not individually discretionary in aquiring or expending as well.

      Watch 2016 video: World Economic Forum's utopian Great Reset vision of 2030 - 'You'll own ...

    • Precisely, the hidden agenda is to monetize everything and to place it under the control of the State... as a form of credit...  a cryptocurrency regulated by a central bank and its electronic currency... A digital system of wealth that the central government manages as it sees fit. 

      No one owns anything it all belongs to the State and the State picks all the winners and losers.  The master command economy... from each according to their ability to each according to their need.... all managed by a central bank and command economy.  

    • Michael, if cryptocurrency isn't it, we need to continue trusting the deep state Fed, don't we? That doesn't seem like a good idea to me, either. So, what do you suggest? 

    • If permitted to continue, no non-state cryptocurrency will be allowed to exist. State cryptocurrency is the means to strip any individual not only of their right to own property, but to place all individuals in a financial state of treading water to survive while increasing or decreasing the ability to do so at will, by limiting the access to wealth for buying lifes' essentials.

      This is worse than censorship, to me. It is murderous sadism. Those who promote it should fear for their lives.

      The Federal Reserve is a private corporation, and should never have been foisted in secret upon our economy. It along with the federal authority to tax personal income granted by amendment, are the blood in the chumed waters we tread, that attracts the bankster sharks. The NWO is top controlled by international banksters, and served by techno-nerds.

      That is the best big picture scenario I can offer, without predicting the insane transhumanist nightmares.


    • I own cryptocurrency because I don't trust governments. Of course, only some of my assets are in cryptos, and only to diversify my investments. I'm quite happy with the way cryptos areas trading these days ;-) 

    • Taxes will not even be needed. All wealth will be the states property to dispense as it sees fit.

      Remember the young bearded grinning fool in the World Economic Forum ad?

      "You will own nothing, and you will be happy",

      for as long as you are allowed to.

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