• It took President Donald John Trump four years irritate Facebook Chief Exective Officer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg to ban him from the site. I just told two food jokes and Facebook Chief Exective Officer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg or one of his wniny little minions bounced me off the site.

    • How about all Republicans stay off Facebook. Leave it for the perverts and Dems. Probably the same thing

  • Definitely Judas!!! 😡

  • He deserved that identification as Judas. He is a traitor and his identity is now sealed for all history. I have heatd he was paid millions to betray Trump and America.

  • I'm disappointed in Mike Pence!  Maybe they got to him... only he knows and will have to live with this for the rest of his life.  President Trump has done so much for America, and the American people.  I have so much gratitude and continue my deepest prayers for him and his family!  What he has endured for the four years of his Presidency, should never happen to anyone, let alone America's President!!  The left Socialists are evil and must somewhat be demented in some sort of way.  It's been incomprehencable to me, how they are and have been hypocritical in this past summer's riots, and didn't hear anything from them about it.. just "Oh, they are rioting peacefully".. Oh really???  Ruining people's lives, property, businesses, and not a word from them condeming it..Infact, they wanted them to continue,  I've never in my lifetime have seen such evil liars, hypocracy and condemnation of our President!  They hate America, and will do anything to bring it completely to it's knees.  


    • Look at the bright side of the whole thing President Donald John Trump will keep on iving in mind of all liberals until Hell freezes over. Though they are really tight quarters. I have a modest proposal in regards to what should be done with the Kurdish people I say we bring them to the United States of America as refugees and help them become American citizens. It worked very well with the Vietnamese people who came after all the blood and treasure we spent fighting that war. After all we may have lost the war but the United States of America won the peace because we got the Vietnamese people who came here my doctor and I would always joke I was the only American who could properly pronounce her name and knew her home town of Dalat. The city of enternal spring.


    • Ray, I'm afraid the radical left will come after Trump forcefully when he is no longer protected by the office of the president. They may not yell "lock him up", but they may quietly work on locking him up while we never succeeded in "lock her up" no matter how loudly we screamed and demanded it. The silent majority is losing out again. 

    • All I can say is this "ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE"


    • I am going to tell you right now you and I better buckle up because we going for a ride that we will never forget.


    • Yes, we will a very active sex life.

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