• Yep, so many counties have had such astounding success with Marxism/communism.  

  • Joe Biden--biden' his time.  Karl Marx--dead and gone.  Lots of similarities.

  • Talk about a manchurian candidate ! biden can give the USA to red china and not 1 reepublican in our congress would say anything negative about this biden deal. If they,did, hilderbeast would take care of them permenently. If anyone believes obama, soros, ect are not part of this felony electon, they must be the ones who voted for biden at least 10 times each.

    How arrogant the democrats are that they can STOP countig votes, sent watchers home, get millions of ballots delivered and counted, and say biden won this presidential election ?


  • I hope they suffer painfully 

  • How in the world can we, the American people, allow a physically and mentally deficient proven thief and liar to
    become our President ???
    Joe Biden is and always has been a political hack and party bag man. No mistake, Biden is owned and controlled
    by China and others, but China is the Biden Boss! Anything else is actually smoke and mirrors.

    • Democommiecrats from the start of this land

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