• So not only do these folks want to be led by a dead failure, they want to be led by THE DEAD COLLECTIVIST FAILURE himself. I truely wish that fate was possible, for them.

  • There are plenty of Marxist countries for this professed Marx lover to exist in. Wrap him up and send him to one. He's probably confused because his silver spoon is sticking in his throat.

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    • let them be and who cares?


  •  Do they even know who Karl Marx is and what he advocated?  How stupid can this [these people] person be?  Goes right back to a failure of our schools

    • BINGO!

    • The other important operative word for followers of this "wide world of illusion" of the Left is CLICHE!  A CLICHE is a calculated ambiguous statement that sounds like fact, but is completely false upon investigation. For over 100 years Leftists have followed the cliché that Karl Marx is the great 'untested idealist'.   All the totalitarian Communist governments somehow failed to understand this. The hundreds of millions of government victims of the Communist Government killing fields are not testimony to the supreme falsehood of Marxism, but only examples of the mistaken perversion of Marxism!  It is good for Truth seekers to challenge the truth of their clichés.  They can press the prosecution of CRITICAL of the factual sources they rely upon.  But watch out for the almost inevitable "ad hominem" attacks from the Marxists when trying to invite these people to debate!!  They can't win on a level playing field of debate.  They would rather get paid by George Soros and riot than engage in fair debate with their opponents who challenge them!  Like the millions of godless fools in generations before them, the Marxists will eventually degenerate into self-isolated weirdos.  They become the worst kind of "True Believer" religious cult followers.  Jim Jones' People's Temple was just such a group.  Jones took his followers to Guyana to get away from their families who tried to intervene with various "cult member busters".  He created a such paranoia there that all of them elected mass suicide at the prospect of the cult coming to an end.  Once the Leftist "cult" members are challenged enough, the whole stupid system self-destructs.  The only question is how many will return to normal life after their trip into the illusory world of ambiguity.

    • Thanks for the reminder ... Jonestown, 1977.

    • he is groucho marx bro,  we all know that

  • Time is drawing near...think about it.....

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