• Thomas ... it is we individuals who are in charge of our own destinies. Stop depending on central authorities ... see the system above that I described to Jane.

    • This is currently our only solution, long term and arduous as it may be.

      Our generational  freebooting bill has come due.

    • Here's the problem.  It's not just one person or one entity.  It's a concerted effort by the deep state, MSM, tech companies, Hollywood, Soros, the unions, etc.  They all work together to push the false narrative that the election was fair.  If you dissent, you are quickly silenced.  The likes of Facebook and Twitter shut you down under the guise of disinformation and everything is swept under the carpet.  In AZ, we have been fighting for a forensic audit for months.  We know that the Bidiot did not win AZ.  You would not believe the obstruction that has gone on since before Christmas. Now a Soros funded group is putting up millions to stop the audit.  One of Hillary's lawyers is working for Soros and has hired scores of lawyers to obstruct.  Jovan Pulizer, a leading authority on forensic election audits was chosen to audit Maricopa County.  He revealed yesterday that he was offered $10M to back out of the audit,  You would not believe the story of this audit, the lack of custody of the ballots, ballots found shredded and ink that was used in Republican enclaves that was not picked up by the voting machines.  The entire thing stinks to high heaven.  And all you have to ask yourself is if the dems keep saying there was no fraud, why are they trying so hard to shut down forensic audits of the ballots. 

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  If there is "nothing to see" why don't they want us wasting our time looking??????????  If they are telling the truth they should be demanding audits to prove them innocent.  Innocent people don't oppose investigations that will exonerate them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stolen is the correct word, Thomas. Very well said.


  • This is just the beginning, like a snowball rolling down a mountainside. It will be as big as a house when it gets to the bottom and then BOOM!!!

    Patriots in control. It had to be this way to end the world wide corruption once and for all.

    Thye best is yet to come. Remember Moses at the Red Sea when all appeared lost!!

    • God will have the last word and I trust in God to deal with them.  Hell awaits the liars and cheaters who stole the election and they are too arrogant and their lust for wealth and power are too great for them to repent!!!!!!!!!!


  • I'd love a redo. Please someone demonstrate how Congressionally certified electoral Presidential election result are not definitive in conclusion.

    Mind you, voters DO need to know the state of election integrity by examination, for future elections.

    • No one?

  • All the bogus, unregistered, illegal, fraudulent ballots must be tallied for every state then subtracted from Biden's total for each state and President Trump would win!!

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