• So what? No matter how many "investigations" or "lawsuits" there wil be, those in power WANTED this to happen to us and our country, and they will never give one iota because they hold the reins. God help us.

    • The election was stolen. The Dominion voting machines were programmed to do that.

      In the future, until we can get to the system described below, either hand count the votes or demand to see the source code in any vote counting machine!

      Regarding voter identification (IN PERSON OR REMOTELY), voting could be done verbally in person or remotely by phone: Voiceprint is so unique for each person, it is becoming the main security feature for customer identification for businesses and banks. This technology can help authenticate customer identity with voice alone. It's more secure than passwords. Each person's voice is as unique as is his/her fingerprintNo more paper ballots (to be 'harvested'). Voter registration could also be done verbally. A person's identity, i.e. voice can be bound to the residence he purchased or rented ... no more phony vacant lot 'residences' from which to vote. (I'm a Silicon Valley computer systems engineer. Available to consult on building this kind of system.)

      There's an additional benefit to the system I described above: voiceprints are not human readible so any individual's vote would intrinsically be secret ... thus not manipulable.

  • So, nothing will come of it. The dems got what they wanted & won't ever again allow a Republican President. 

    • Time for a massive reduction of communist demoncrats in America!!

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