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    • Did you go watch the mini series?? That mini series was filmed in 1985. Who the hell wrote that scrpt? I should have figured there would be some idiots that would come back with ignorant comments because they are too damned lazy to do any research. They just want to come on here and pretend they are smart.


    • At this point,

      This is an ABC TV production made in 1987. I found it with the expression AMERIKA 1987. The Russians are the bogy men in this scenario.  A cable subscription with Youtube on it acceses the series. I am not much for Kris Kristoferson, so I am iffy. But for content, it could be more substantive than "Red Dawn".

    • Allen, the inflammatory character of your post is what I was referring to. My observations about the 45th President do not match up with the statement.  But if I do spend time to preview what you suggest, and am not 100% in agreement, look for my glow because I will return to you flamin' (and not in a 'Frisco fun way).

    • This is the most ignorant comment I have seen on here. Stop with your ridiculous conspiracy theories! Trump warned about this happening for years. So you're saying over 40 year's ago Trump set this? You're a damn moron!

    • You are the fool and the moron. I guess you don't know that Trump received 200 million dollars from Soros to build the Trump towers. Trump also is pushing the vaccine. I voted for Trump both times. I knew then that Trump was involved with this take over. Trump was the best of 2 evils, still is. 


    • I think the chinese set this one up many decades ago.

    • I think China with the Democrats set this all up. This was a power play by both. It was stolen because Trump was exposing the swamp and China is part of it.

    • Agree.

  • So what? No matter how many "investigations" or "lawsuits" there wil be, those in power WANTED this to happen to us and our country, and they will never give one iota because they hold the reins. God help us.

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