• Former George Soros employee and prize pupil, Gretchen Whitmer, would like to welcome everyone to:

    The second annual 14 Days to Flatten the Curve event being held here in Michigan.

    This event is expected to last until all election fraud evidence can be suppressed, covered up, or destroyed.

    Featured activities will include: The continued destruction of small business, the further erosion of individual freedoms, and as a bonus attraction, the criminalization of family gatherings.


  • And they say there was no vote fraud!!!!!!!!!!

  • As a Michigan resident, I try to keep up with what’s happening in this state. I can tell you first hand that corona virus is definitely NOT surging here in MI. I live a short distance from one of the state’s largest and busiest hospitals. I have occasion to drive past it quite regularly. The place is like a ghost town. The lots are half empty and there is rarely any activity in the emergency lot. Friends that have been visitors there have told me that many of the rooms are vacant as they are in other hospitals as well.

    Yesterday the bitch that refers to herself as governor went on the Sunday propaganda shows and begged for more doses of the vaccine from her uncle Joe. Now today the CDC advised the state of MI that strict lockdowns were the only way to combat this deadly virus. Since reality does not coincide with the latest government bullshit, I think someone must be modifying the truth ever so slightly.

    The gut reaction of a number of us here in the great state of Michigan is that an ongoing audit of the past election must have a great deal to do with this terrible surge in corona cases and the impending lockdown. The growing consensus here is: because the theft of the election was handled by Larry, Moe, and Curly, the total incompetence won’t fit under the largest rug.


    • Great post!

  • Trump is the President and let the media know it We the People will not be silent 

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • there you go this election is a fraud election and they need to have another election ASAP.

    • Jeff, how? Congress bought the 2020 electoral results. Once the Federal government accepts input from outside it (as required), they do not need to care about it anymore until the Constitution prompts it to receive new input. That will be 2024. I repeatedly use the expression,"Trump was railroaded out of office" because the Washington denizens knew factually, certification would rid them of Trump if they stonewalled any appeals. All branches participated. This is why Pence is a dead candidate walking. At high cost now we know, beyond denial, whats what. Any new findings are to benefit our resolve to purge the poison from our various forms of government, be it appointment or election installed. We are it. Do not expect a leader to do the heavy lifting for us. Be suspicious if someone offers too. It will start at the grass roots locally, with the electorate telling the elected what's what.

    • in the first place the Democrats wanted Trump to be out of the white house because he won the 2016 election, President Donald Trump should have a put a halt on the election on November 3 because the Democrats planed on to kick Donald Trump out of the office and they were successful at it because the Republican don't have no balls to stand against the Democrats.




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