President Donald Trump and Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel hit a standoff after the President openly defied Nessel’s instructions to wear a mask during his much-publicized visit at the repurposed Ford Motor Plant.

The standoff began when Nessel wrote an open letter to Trump, saying that while she does not want to “prevent” the US President from visiting the plant, she warned that Trump must learn to “respect” the people working at Ford by wearing a “facial covering”. The state’s Attorney General even threatened that if Trump failed to follow such safety precautions, he could not go back to any “enclosed facility” in Michigan.

However, the President openly defied Nessel’’s warnings and appeared to visit the plan without a mask. When he was asked why he refused to wear one, Trump smartly replied that he doesn’t want to give Democrats a sense of satisfaction. Trump explained, “I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.” He continued, “I was given a choice, and I had one on in an area where [Ford executives] preferred it.” The President also assured that everyone had been tested and that it is safe.

In an interview with CNN on “The Situation Room,” Nessel claimed that she was “ashamed” of the President for violating Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s authoritarian order, adding that “It is currently the law of this State.” She also went on to claim that Trump does not care about the “safety” of Michiganders.

The Ford Motor Plant was repurposed as a facility to manufacture ventilators. During his campaign-style visit, Trump went on to thank the people who had worked tirelessly to ensure that no American would be denied a ventilator, as exemplified by the worst-case scenarios in other coronavirus stricken countries. He also recognized the strength of the health workers whom he described as “warriors”. Moreover, the U.S.President paid tribute to the victims of the deadly disease, “As one people, we hold in our hearts the precious memory of every person that we have lost.”

Finally, the President assured that he would not close down the country if the outbreak hits a second wave. He believed that he would “rather put out the fires” but that the US will not close down.






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