• He is really mixed up & knows not what he is saying once again

  • As Somerset Maugham asked in the Razors Edge, "Isn't it easy to be  Wiseman on top of a mountain?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • it's easy to think that way when you live in a mansion behind walls

  • Did anyone tell her that,"The lie can no longer be maintained"?

    • Phil, her is a HE!!!!!!!!!!


  • I never have seen her without the look of hate on her face.  Possibly married the wrong he/she.

  • No she didn't sleep last summer - she is just a woman with no morals, ethics, integrity or honesty.  Anyone with eyes and a brain saw that while she was the faux First Lady.

    • Martha, he ISN'T A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!


  • She and her husband may both hate America, its Ideals and Histories, but to purposefully destroy it all for everyone makes them no less than radical Islamic Suicide Bombers.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • She is worthless

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