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The Cuban and Hispanic community in Miami is outraged over the raid on former President Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago last evening, as it brings back dark memories of Latin American communist takeovers of the past -- including lost family, stolen wealth, and death.

The city is made up of millions of first-generation Americans who fled totalitarianism in Cuba, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

"My family brought me to the USA from Cuba when I was nine years old, but now the rule of law has eroded here and the USA is turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America!" declared Ed Vidal, a Cuban-American lawyer, political activist, and Vice Chairman of the Election Integrity Subcommittee of the Republican Executive Committee of Miami-Dade County.

"The raid of president Trump's home is a terrifying action. As a first generation American from Latin America, I have felt safe from government abuse in this country because the Bill of Rights protects me from "unreasonable searches and seizures," said Camilo Riano, a Colombian-American.

"If the FBI can call me a domestic terrorist if I speak at my town's Board of Education meetings, and can raid the home of a former president of the United States for political reasons, I am not in a democracy anymore. I am living in a totalitarian, tyrannical system," he added.

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  • I  am sure they are outraged as they see Castro's tactics being used in the "Land of the Free" they took such great risks to get to!!!!!  I have seen dictatorial oppression, both communist and otherwise and there is no difference!!!!!  Dictatorship is oppressive regardless of what label is put on it!!!!!  What America is seeing today is satanic oppression that cpould be communist or fascist but it is oppressive rule by fiat by a small group that is supported by a corrupt media looking for a piece of the dictatorial pie!!!!!  They will get their 15 minutes of fame but will ultimately fall prey to the tyrants because tyrants need enemies and once we conservatives are dead or imprisoned in the FEMA concentration camps the media and corporate and hollywierd leftists will fall under the need for enemies and there will not be anyone to protect them!!!!!  It reminds me of Martin Niemoller in Nazi Germany, "first they came for... and since I was not one of them I said nothing; then they came for the ... and since I was not one of them I said nothing; then when they came for me there was no one to speak for me"!!!!!Those playing political correctness will eventually be under the thumbs of tyrants and there will be no one to speak for them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob... Niemoller what an excellent example!  History proves that when the moneys gone and the little people rise up, the ruling class revert to Totalitarian Fascism. The end result will be just as that of the famous German Guy in the 1930's and 1940's, who implemented the same actions against anyone whom he didn't like or whom didn't agree with him, and we all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people! To the little people currently acting out at the request of the Democrat Rulers, you're "Useful Idiots!" Research: "Night of the Long Knives" and see what they Historically do to useful idiots when no longer useful!

  • You wonder if the de"mock"rats have a single brain cell among them.  Many people come to the USA to gert away from repressive governments. Are the de"mock"rats really so stupid that they think these people will vote to make the USA repressive?

    • Martha, they are counting on the welfare state to buy the votes and so far it has worked but the gravy train will run out eventually and those bought with welfare money will no longer be the darlings and the oppressors will oppress them because tyrants need enemies to sustain them and all of us conservatives will have been eradicated!!!!!!!!!!


  • I pray that this raid will wake up millions of MAGA voters

    • I pray this rade makes millions new MAGA voters!

    • Janet, it isn't the MAGA people that need to wake up, it is the willfully ignorant, the "woke", that need to wake up!!!!!!!!!!


    • Give me a break.  Sweet Jesus, just who the hell is it that you think is asleep?  The year is 2022.  The Presidential election was stolen in front of God and the entire world two years ago.  You reckon the raid is going towake up the dead and change the political landscape?  Well, do you? 

    • Oh please don't wake up the dead... They'll vote Democrat!!!!

    • Yes, it would appear to be a lose/lose.

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