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    • She is in violation of not only state law but federal law as well which allows partison observers to view the ballot count.

  • She's a mocker. Lock her up!! If she isn't punished it's encouragement to the rest of the fools and the simple.

  • This sort of action demands her arrest... where is MR. Law and order?  Who cares about what the MSM may say or do... Implement widespread martial law, arrest key public officials involved in the fraud, let them awake in GITMO.   It may be necessary to impose stealth Martial Law to avoid violent civil war... Don't respond to questions by the MSM, instead lock them up for inciting riot, sedition, and insurrection.

    • Ron, I agree totally!!!!!

    • Agreed


    • Again, I agree with you. This is the worst ever. How did it go from bad to worse and now to worst? What went wrong? Where does the buck stop?

      Trump really needs to put an end to this sedition and insurrection by any means necessary. He needs to send key officials to GITMO and declare the rigged election a fraud, then stay on for another four years during which he needs to drain the wide swamp. This is the only way he can make America great again and preserve our freedom and liberties.

    • Paul, I agree, declare this a fraud and cancel the results.  Hold a new election without the mail-in fraud and make sure observers are allowed to do their job.  Put all the TRAITORS that subverted the election to prison or the gallows.  Let the media and devildemocommiecrats whine.  Use armed military to put down rioters with any necessary firepower.

    • Agreed - if this election stands, the banana republic has solidly arrived, and the elite powermongers win.


  • Disgusting monster. Throw some water on her.

    • No, throw water on the individuals responsible for permitting the disruption of our election and those violating the civil rights of the electorate. The Governor of Michigan is abusing her office and breaking the law with impunity and Mr. Law and order is defending the public and Constitution by tweeting from the White House basement. How effective has that been?

      Wake up, we have a President who will not enforce the law... He is permitting his AG, the US Attorneys, and the FBI to ignore their duty to protect our electoral system from massive election fraud, Insurrection and a host of other federal crimes are occurring right before our eyes. If you want to get mad, focus your anger on those who are responsible for maintaining law and order and PRESIDENT. Maybe, just maybe, he will rise to the occasion to defend the Constitution and our electoral system. God knows the general public is not empowered or able to lawfully do so.

      If the President needs help enforcing the law and the current government agencies will not help... let the President appeal to the Public. Draft the Public by popular appeal... raise a 10 million man army quickly, one geared to enforce the law under the President's supervision.

      DEPUTIZE this army of volunteers or give them temporary appointments as US Marshalls... Then, march on every Blue State Capitol and Washington, DC, arrest every member of the ongoing insurrection now taking place under the cover of an election. Let the President call Congress into an emergency session, to request Congress pass a 'Term Limits and Government Recall" Amendment. Force the current government to resign, subject to new elections. Conduct the new elections within 90 days under the supervision of martial law. Bar the current load of criminals running the government from holding public office ever again.


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