Elites Confirm Trump Is A 'Threat' To New World Order In Davos ...

Ever since Donald Trump announced he would designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization, calls have emerged to pursue the violent far-left mobs and their shadowy backers internationally. Official budget number from the German government show this includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The budget for Angela Merkel’s Chancellery totaled €3.19 billion 2020, of which more than half, €1.82 billion, went to the Chancellor’s Office for Media and Culture. The office was created by Merkel’s forerunner Gerhard Schröder (Social Democrat) in 1998 even though the German constitution explicitly delegates cultural affairs to the states and not the federal government. Despite its apparent unconstitutionality, it now serves as a kind of propaganda ministry for the German Chancellor, with its own world-wide public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (German Wave). 

Former US ambassador in Berlin Richard Grenell frequently sparred with Deutsche Welle on Twitter over their pro-Iran and anti-US coverage. Deutsche Welle fired back and called Grenell “Donald Trump’s agitator in Berlin”, a remarkable way for an ally government’s network to treat the US ambassador.

Now, a parliamentary query by the conservative AfD party has revealed over €1 million out of Merkel’s media/propaganda budget 2019 went to fund Soros-funded NGO “Neue deutsche Medienmacher” (New German Media Makers – NdM), whose avowed goal is to increase “diversity” in German journalism by promoting ethnic minorities (New Germans) in the media and establishing “speech guidelines” for journalists. Merkel’s 2020 NdM funding totals €291.000 so far, according to the German federal government.

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  • BMW and Mercedes are now being assembled in the USA... do we buy them?  US auto's are merely assembled here with few of the parts made in the USA.  Do we support them and if we do most of the parts assembled are being made in Mexico or China... and a few other countries... Canada.

  • So many simply want the US to fall, and that is certainly true with anyone aligning with Soros. They will reap the whirlwind

  • I think Americans should be buying American cars and let (Porsche, BMW, Audii and Mercedes be supported by Anfifa and slimy George)




  • Ever since Germany reunited with East Germany it has turned hard leftist... it is now officially a socialist state.  We need to mover our military out of Germany too one of the former Soviet Block States... maybe Romania... in order to keep a forward-deployed force in Europe while being closer to Turkey our Mid-East Nato member.

    • I agree. Let Germany defend it's own borders with it's own troops. Withdraw our troops and bases ($$$) and watcg Merkel squirm.

    • We need to maintain NATO and our forward-deployed presence... albeit, much reduced, too prepositioned equipment and materials with one Heavy Division and select corps log units forward... too, secure our forward-deployed war stocks and various stagging areas in Europe should we go to war.  Moving troops only is a lot easier than moving equipment and troops and if we ever engage a first-rate conventional force we may never make it to Europe with our equipment in tow ... in time to make a difference or arrive at all.

  • This is no surprise, she is just as bad a Soros, except she gives the tapayers money away instead of her own.  

  • I am sure it is not from her personel funds but the hard working Citizens. Scumbag

  • The Soros family must be exterminated for the good of the world!!

    • I agree. They are traitors and should be shot.


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