• If the Diamond Backs do that I personally will never go to a game again.  BLM just like Antifa are terrorists groups who want to take over America.   That should be enough information for any true American!  

  • Refusing to watch: NBA, NFL, MLS, EPL soccer and now MLB. Can't even give lip service to any sports organization that panders to this BLM garbage. 

  • BLM and demoKKKrats have ruined baseball now. Only will watch, if I hear a proclamation against kneeling during our EXCELLENT National Anthem. And then again maybe not, If not sincere!

    No pro sports for me, I guess.

  • NO. its like watghing CNN. uugh.

  • What do you expect from San Francisco? SF is in California, the worst of the failed states.

  • bass fishing

  • All American sports went into the toilet when they started taking money from china. That's when they started demeaning and disrespecting the American Anthem, America's flag. Their chinese handlers own them like the money spoiled little beotches they are. It is all about the money with them, they have no allegiance, no honor or loyalty to America anymore, just like big corporations. china floods them with American dollars, buying their loyalty, while undermining American values. They are all tools of the chinese, once china is deeply imbedded into our country, they will have these sell outs picking cotton. china is xenophobic, yet, the left has you believing that is a bad thing for America, to use a hammer on President Trump. While you all are contemplating what I have typed here, answer this question, more for youself than for me, list all the positive ways that diversification is good for America, how it has helped America. Be honest now. If you would like, post your list on this thread. Consider those who now are on china's payroll. Athletes know that shutting down their sports here will not cost them a dime, china is their insurance policy, china needs them to lead their fans to communism, by subtly undermining everything American. Remember, the nba held practice sessions in a stadium right next to a chinese concentration camp. They knew it and pretended everything was cool, just think when china comes into America, you can see how these useless cowards, that just play games will treat you when the chinese are torturing and murdering your fellow Americans that refuse to buy the lie.

  • No real American is going to waste their money to watch a bunch of cry babies.

  • the high price of doing business {watching} with sports [tickets, parking, etc] has turned me off to sports 

  • if i'm a man in san francisco then i'm running as fast as i can far away 

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