7353289685?profile=RESIZE_710xMore than a dozen members of Congress, including U.S. Doug Collins, R-Ga., have written to Attorney General William Barr asking for an investigation of the George Soros-sponsored prosecutor in St. Louis who insisted on filing charges against a husband and wife who defended their private property from Black Lives Matter "protesters."

The letter explained that in recent weeks "peaceful protests have spiraled into deadly and destructive riots" and local officials have "tolerated" violence and deadly mobs.

Under those circumstances, the letter explained, Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis "exercised their Second Amendment right in self-defense, as they were threatened by violent protesters who made menacing remarks and trespassed on their private property."

They were holding guns, one of them inoperable, while facing the threats.

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    • Let's see... there has never been a government or reformed government without the support of the wealthy... that includes the creation of the USSR.  Going off half-cocked is an expression meaning one takes on a course of action without weighing the costs and all the relevant facts before shoving off.... before starting the project one must know they can finish it.

      I have lots of suggestions... but limited powers to implement them... If I had Soros' wealth the tea party and others would be able to hire staff, coordinate campaigns for tax relief, and do much more.  However, I am not wealthy. 

      My posting here and on other sites are ways in which I make suggestions... many of my posts end up being sent to the White House some appear to have been taken seriously and others never surface.  In any event, I am available to anyone who will listen or desires my personal experience and advice... I have also volunteered for local campaign work and other civic functions that support the community and my Christian calling and faith.

  • WAIT A MINUTE!!! I am a Vietnam rea veteran. I took the oath to up hold and defend the constitution from ALL enemies, both foriegn and DOMESTIC! All prior military keep that oath for life. Why do we have to wait for Barr or Duham to do something? Since we already know who these tresonous individuals are, we should be able to go after them ourselves and arrest them! If we wait until November, it will be too late. The Nazi Democrats are already planning to go after Trump when he wins. And mark my words, Trump will win! All of the violence by ANTIFA and the BLM are more like a training op for November. We need to have another Tea Party in DC before the election! at least 5 million attendees need to show up. No weapons, just us.

    • I hope that President Trump is reelected also BUT DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE DEMOCRATS!

    • You set it up and many will come.

      Decent Law Abiding Americans are fed up with SANCTUARY CITIES, CORRUPT BLUE STATE 'leaders', ANTIFA, AND BLM.

      They are all in cahoots and TERRORIZING LAW ABIDING AMERICANS.

      A national event wouldn't hurt.   It will likely be met with a bunch of terrorists, so all should be prepared.

    • @victormarx This video filmed in 1969 will shock you at how relevant and effectively exposes what certain groups are trying again to do. Will you as a American and Christian allow it to happen? #victormarx #blm #usa #christian #standup

    • This is the problem... the patriot has no effective leadership.  The conservative constitutional movement has no leadership willing to resource and organize the movement n a national level.  Demonstrations and effective political power that result in legislative action and the political will to reform government is missing in action.  We are dying of a thousand cuts, bleeding out from the lack of constructive government reforms.  The Patriot movement has proven unable to stop the fiscal and cultural hemorrhaging that is fundamentally transforming our society and government.  Slowing it down is not stopping it.

      The current groups attempting to lead our movement have insufficient resources... money, media, leadership, or the institutional infrastructure need to be recognized as an effective organization for Constitutional reform. Our movement is not capable of consistently mustering large scale events or impacting long term reforms in government.  Until we have the support our founding fathers were able to assemble, we are effectively NOTHING. Nothing, but a mob of disaffected patriots looking... no hoping... for a miracle to provide us capable leadership.  Most patriots are willing to do their part, too volunteer their services for whatever is necessary, but few are asking and fewer with the resources, and demonstrated ability to organize the mass are willing to step forward. 

      America instinctively knows a winner when they see and hear one... we need a winner to lead us and not just any leader... We need a very well-financed leader... with resources he or she is willing to commit to the cause... resources much like George Soros and Bill Gates have provided to their leftist organizations... too, grease the wheels of progress.  Until we have such leadership and resources we will only operate at the perimeter of political power.

      When push comes to shove the Patriot movement has no real leaders... no one willing to pledge their liberty, lives, and fortunes to the cause of liberty and a reformed Constitutional Republic... We are not a force to be reckoned with by the Deep State we are merely a vehicle for venting our frustration ... a vicarious outlet for our anger  We need wealthy leadership willing to front an Army of Patriots to close with and destroy our enemies... we don't have any.  President Trump could be that leader but he has to stop messing around and get very serious about organizing, funding, and directly leading the public to take control of the government... as the government is not currently one of the people, by the people OR for the people.

    • Personally I think many of the social platforms are little more than pacifiers for the public.  We vent and do nothing.  


      @victormarx This video filmed in 1969 will shock you at how relevant and effectively exposes what certain groups are trying again to do. Will you as a American and Christian allow it to happen? #victormarx #blm #usa #christian #standup


    • They do serve as alternative media for news... a very important part of social media's role in society... a safety valve for the truth.

    • Don't underestimate the POWER OF PRAYER!  God the Father is still in charge!

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