• Good guy

  • Good guy with a lot of courage. God bless him.

  • Be nice if the main stream media would show these actions in their reporting. 

  • now that is a peaceful protester

  • I second that Micah. 

  • God bless this young man for seeing the truth!  We all matter!


  • With all the ugly racist hate that the left is stirring up to divide people and cause problems. There is a bright side, there are a growing number of good decent America loving black men and women standing up and speaking out against the left and it's hate mongering. They are heros just by being regular Americans, we should be proud that they are our brothers and sisters.They show there is hope, that America learns from past mistakes and makes things better for the future.

  • HE nails it.

  • I second that. Amen.

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