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A media campaign has erupted against Amy Coney Barrett, even though President Trump hasn’t actually nominated her to the Supreme Court.

Barrett is clearly the front-runner, having spent a second straight day at the White House as the president moves toward his Saturday announcement. And of course there should be substantial scrutiny of her record if she’s picked, given that replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a lifetime appointment.

But there are early signs this is going to be ugly, and that her religion will be front and center. That subject came up in 2017 when the Senate approved her as a federal appeals court judge in Chicago.

Newsweek jumped on the judge with a smear that turned out to be factually wrong.

Barrett is a devout Catholic, and the magazine described her (as previous profiles have) as a member of People of Praise, “the charismatic Christian parachurch organization, which was founded in South Bend, Indiana in 1971, teaches that men have authority over their wives. Members swear a lifelong oath of loyalty to one another and are expected to donate at least 5 percent of their earnings to the group.”

So she should be disqualified because of her religious affiliation? Isn’t that the essence of anti-Catholic prejudice?

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  • Perhaps the President will just this once submit a differant listed name from the one fronted.

    Justice Barbara Lagoa of the Florida Supreme Court comes to mind.

    She is by account a constitutionalist (unlike Ginsberg), and not prone to legislating from the bench for cause.

    Barrett leaves me wondering about her comfort with suspending civil liberties, in a government declared state of emergency. That would seem political poison to a true Constitutional Republican.

    Whatever Trump does, do it now. Time is fleeting!

  • Sadly it's going to be nasty. 

  • The Constitution says her religion has no bearing but we all know democrats hate God, America, the Constitution, and liberty for We the People so they will try to torpedo her using her faith.  I daily pray that God will punish those who hate Him and spare the rest of the nation from judgment.

  • The first derogatory comment ends the question period and results in immediate vote!

    • Ricky, I couldn't agree more.  democrats will do nothing but smear her for her faith.  I grew up catholic but left it as soon as I left home.  Sadly, I left any semblence of faith for 20 years but am now a devout evangelical Christian who daily prays for our nation.


  • Quit screwing around, vote her in and on to the next justice.

  • All this socialist are nothing but the devil's followers 

  • Of course they will attack her. What else can one expect demonic forces to do against good Christians?

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