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  • Google has the ability to invisibly change up to 2.5 million votes. Hillary received the benefit of Google in 2016. If a state cannot verify that all votes are legal, then their electoral votes should not be counted. The state AG's need to do their job, and I think Barr should threaten them with not counting their votes. 

  • Pres. Trump's failure to take immediate action in Seattle is sending a horrible message... the establishment of an 'autonomus' area anywhere within the USA is sedition, if arms are taken up to enforce the claims of autonomy it becomes treason.   Seattle and the State of Washington should be notified that federal troops are on the way and that they should stand down... remove their forces from the area or risk becoming engaged in a civil war... elements like ANTIFA, CAIR, the BLM etc., are watching to see how the President reacts ... if he fails to immediately put down the insurrection and treason they will repeat these same events in every major city across America .... creating CIVIL WAR.

    Those politicians supporting the autonomous region must be arrested... immediately for insurrection, we can not have government officials supporting the dissolution of our Union.

  • Is it possible to get a message to the President? 
    My husband, seeing the treasonous behavior in Seattle, commented that President Trump should have the military, with or without the Washington National Guard, but better WITH THEM, surround the "autonomous" area of Seattle tightly, and STAY there, surrounding the area, denying them the opportunity to get food and other necessary supplies, and just wait them out until they get so hungry they begin to cave, at which time to have busses ready, allow those who give in to be loaded into busses and STRAIGHT TO JAIL ❗️👍.  Those who are armed, if they choose to use arms against the military, must be brought down by force! Rubber bullets, water cannons, tranquilizer darts, whatever!


      You will have a limited number of words, I always have to shorten. I believe he reads them. Good luck, please do it. 

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    • It would be great if Trump did that. This would teach them a lesson. Trump needs to take total control over the country because these demorat governors are useless.

    • Absolutely! And HURRY!

    • So correct! 
      in truth, we the people have not protested loudly against weak kneed elected officials! Now through Tea Party, maybe we can, and maybe we can be heard!

  • The polls do not acount for the Trump hidden majority. I am a Trump supporter and I have not taken a poll in 3 years. I know there are many people who won't take a poll.


    • There are many 1000's of loyal supporters. I am one. The day I heard his announcement speech, I jumped out of my chair and proclaimed aloud "He's my man! He has my vote!" And has remained steadfastly so!

  • This is to typical of the fake news media.  Our ears tune out the lames stream media.  Honestly, I can't even watch the news at this point.  All they show is racial fighting & blood and guts. The same stories are repeated hour after hour.  Tonight I watched Tucker (FOX) for the first time in about a week.  It was one of the best shows he has ever done.

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