• Hopefully the people of Kentucky will primary his criminal ass out of office and the AG bring treason charges against this anti American Puke


    • There's a list of them who aren't running for a next term, he is one of them. Some are so old  and have been in DC for so long, they should have been gone a long time ago.....even if they were good for the country!

    • They just put mcconnell back in for 6 years in 2020!!!!!  Don't expect anyone in the gop to help save our country, they are owned by satan and his minions that run the party!!!!!


    • I don't think he's running again!


    • I encourage every reader that if your state has not yet signed up or your states concress hasn't yet ratified the Convention of States sign up, please write letters to your states representatives and senators to get on board of the Convention of States.   In seeing from the breath of our country that the largest majority ever has stepped up and are signing up for Republican causes.   They are all sick and tired of dealing with and hearing all the lies of the left.   A Convention of States folks will keep the left at bay.....and I do not believe that there will be a run-away convention.  There are just too many of us now that want what is right for a change.

    • We Americans are needing in a worse way, is a Convention of States - Article V - to be in place and happening before the November 2024 election.   To achieve a balanced budget amendment, the line item veto, and term limits will go a long way to curb the out of control leftist.   I hope to God and pray every day that we can turn this narrative around, and stop acquesting to the left their narrative, and stop the Conservatives just following who is hollering the loudest.  It is the "Right" narrative that should be heard loud and clear, and drown out all the lies, and rogue ideas we see coming from hell.  It is our agenda that should be loud and clear.


    • The deep state will juswt ignore anything we do as they now ignore the Constitution and any court decision they don't like!!!!!  The communist coup was completed in 2020!!!!!


    • Completed at Bengahzi,actually. Those hearings told me we were already overthrown from within,we just didn't know it yet. And NOW the Sheeple are unaware of the tyrannical government being installed RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES............Where's that lying butcher, Susan Rice been?.............Why,she'ssetting up our new secret police modeled after Stasi and C.C.P.;;;;We're fucked.

    • McConnell and a host of others are not teetering on treason. They are actively supporting this behavior, and make no bones about it in their efforts to stop the restoration of American values.

      In plain fact, the entire Democrat Party is engaged in TREASON.  From top to bottom. Even though many members of it are simply ignorant of the treason, they nevertheless  are contributors to the overall effort.


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