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  • All 435 seats are up for vote...use your power to vote her out at all cost...


    • That would great but far fetched, I think.  Frankly most of them should be charged with legal crimes in my opinion, and that's ever further fetched.  They'll probbly should slide like they usually do.  Where the hell are Barr and Durham?????

    • I totally agree with you Evelyn I will vote Republican all across the board.

  • I've done a little research on the topic since no one else seems to have any idea how this good result can be accomplished.  To remove a Speaker the speaker 1. may voluntarily remove him/her self.  2. The majority party can remove the speaker. Neither of these two seem likely since the most Democrats in power consider her actions to be wonderful. Option #3 is if 2/3 of the House vote her out.  How much chance is there that this should happen?  

    The third option might work. Perhaps McCarthy should try it.  But it seems more show than substance.

    • Blackmail comes to mind or something I cannot say on social media otherwise the FBI will be flash baning my house

    • There is a 4th option and that would be a sniper.

    • Sounds highly unlikely for a sucessful outcome.  Perhaps we should establish some age limit?  Isn't she 81 yrs. old?   That's old enough to retire for sure. 

    • Perhaps, but that might not work either because it could be challenged on age discrimination.  I believe she is embarrassingly idiotic. She still knows how to scheme but her increasingly irrational behavior would make a sensible party want to encourage her retirement.  Our entire culture seems to be in decline because of the lust for power and money and the voters lack of discernment to see it.  In a rational situation Pelosi should voluntarily retire or her party should retire her.  

      Term limits are an equally good solution but congress must pass that.  It could happen and should happen.  Maybe it will.

  • Now that would be something to see. I just hope he means it.

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