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  • From what I have learned, read and saw the corruption in our government is so deep, dark and deadly that it seems we need to revamp the whole of the population that comprises it.  The FBI needs to to be remanned. Christopher Wray is huge disappointment. Comey, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, The Leftists manned courts, I mean the whole set population of the Left is diseased and still growing. Barr and Durham are taking to long that it leaves me to think that they're waiting for something in particular...2020 election?  The eleceion will be a horrid experience, don't you just know it.  Soros is protected...WHY and by WHOM????  Sedition charges should be on the TO DO List and I never hear it mentioned with any conviction. It's jus absoutely sickening folks and I think it's gong to take action of a much greater determination than I've seen so far.  Throw out all the Lefties.,  And I am quite serious about that.

  • How much more damage are you going to let her do to our country, constitution and election process? Quit talking about it, grow a pair of bawls and DO something about her. She has betrayed our country, form a coupd ' etat against a legally elected president. Get off your azzes and do something. Talk is cheap, and the republicans just talk and threaten, but no action.

  • Go for it, Kevin! Do it now; she's done more than enough to deserve it.

  • throw her ass out anyhow. because she is either a drunk, drug user, or just plain NUTS


  • Send Pelosi to an insane institution 

    • it's the Democratic party that needs to go to the insane institution along with Obama and his administration.

    • Those institutions are now referred to as "mental health hospitals"; same place, just a name change.

    • Exactly! let me say this mental health is demonic that is why all the Democrat that voted God out of their party is demonic.


  • What a blessing to never have to hear her voice again!!!

    • that will be a blessing alright she needs to go to a mental institution.

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