• I put this up on TPO a few days ago ... it bears repeating ... re handing out $450,000/per person to the illegals who've invaded our country:

    Hello TPO ers. "nice guys finish last ... Leo Durocher" ... look it up.

    The $450,000/per person was never meant to be ... its a Trojan Horse. The sub text ... the Communist's (the Left) real agenda is to establish that we are guilty. If/when they can achieve that, negotiating the $$ amount of penalty would be easy.

    A few things ... let's stop calling the Communists by the "nice" word Socialists. Another Trojan Horse ... they mean to achieve their Communism goal with small incremental steps ... hoping we won't notice.

    We need to put the monkey on the backs of our Senators and Congressmen.

    Chattering among ourselves ... causing chaos is precisely what the Communists want.


    And another Communist tactic is to "shame" us. I'm old enough to remember what the Communists did to Sen. Joseph McCarthy. He called out the fact that the military (and, I believe Hollywood) was corrupted with Communists and a Communist government person (Senator??) spoke "have you no shame, sir". Senator Joseph McCarthy was a hero!!! But he died in "shame".


    Fast foward ... Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to destroy Dr. Josph Mercola by trying to get Amazon to not publish his books ... same attempted slander against Dr. Frank Shallenberger. Their crime?? They had the "audacity" to speak out against the deadly mRNA gene therapy (which btw, can change our DNA!).


    More? My engineer colleague labels those of us who are/were wise enough to not take the mRNA therapy (mislabelled as "vaccine") "refuseniks". The shame game again.


    Finally, let's look at Manchurian Candidate Joe Bidan with his unconstitutional "vaccine" mandate. He needs to meet a firing squad!!!

  • I cannot even turn on this video of this commie Mac...whoever.....he is so dispictable.  I do hope and pray that the People of Virginia have finally waken up to see the light of day and exactly who they voted for in this deginerate man.   What a loser he is...!

  • THESE PEOPLE, happen to be the parents and also the taxpayers! THEY ARE YOUR BOSS! 

    • exactly...

    • AMEN  .

  • In case he doesn't realize it "these people" are parents. Not simply breeders. They refuse to let their kids be indoctrinated into a way of life that is totally diverse to what is sensible. For years I heard about teachers that bemoaned the fact that parents didn't take enough interest in their kids education. How some of them didn't even show up at parent teacher meetings, which in the old days were called PTA Meetings. Now that parents are taking an interest in what is being taught to their kids and question some of the corriculum they bemoan that. The solution to all the problems is to get the government out of the schools. The government has too much power over every aspect of our lives and as long as that continues we will have problems. Educators are being mandated by the government to teach all the new BS that comes down the line. Many of them aren't given a choice. And I think the education administration should have fought it when it first began. But they didn't posess the nerve to do so. Instead they let the government lead them by the nose and march to their drum. It's much easier to fight the parents than the government so they took the low road.

  • Our Education system has been crap since the liberals took over 60 years ago. In the 50's we were #1 in both science AND math. Because of the liberal takeover, we are now # 22 and 24 respectively. 

  • He shot himself in both feet. 

  • What does he expect??? When a problem like this rears its ugly head guess what where I will show up??? I will be at the school board meeting asking the hard questions and expecting a straight answer!!

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